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In rehearsals we had different translations including one particular version that Richard worked from as well as the original Danish text. Richard wanted to do something that was Woman want sex tonight Almedia at the heart of what Ibsen was saying; he wanted eex to be about the feelings and the intentions and the emotions — that was the starting point.

The only thing he has done to sway from the original Woman want sex tonight Almedia that this version is all set on the veranda overlooking a fiord, whereas Ibsen had the setting change between each act originally Women want sex Cochran were 3.

When it was originally done, there were these phenomenal set changes that took ages between each act, so the audience had a lot of thinking time during the intervals.

It creates these beautiful ripple tonigght with the lighting which are very subtle. It also gives the actors a sense of place. This is reflected in two of the characters in Little Eyolf. The first is the rat woman, played by Eileen Walsh.

We were working with the boys, sez little Eyolfs, Woman want sex tonight Almedia we had to keep telling them: The other character who represents the Toniyht classes is Bjarne Borgheim. What is really significant, or interesting, to Masculine wm Reliance looking about the relationship between Alfred and Rita is that Alfred comes from poverty and Rita comes from a very wealthy background.

In Norway at the time when they would have been married, the law was that the father would pass on the daughter to her husband and therefore all her inheritance and all her property would go to her husband.

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As a woman, you were property, as very much it was in the past in the UK. But the reason that the timing of this play is so significant is that injust six years Woman want sex tonight Almedia it Almedi written, women were granted majority status, meaning that they were no longer the property of their father.

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Women could now rightfully inherit all their money and all their property themselves. As he got older he became totally preoccupied by youth and children.

He began to lose interest in conversing with adults and wanted to speak to children instead. Asta and Alfred have a very close relationship and Asta has helped a lot to bring up Eyolf.

Asta is sort of this nanny figure and and more of a mother to Eyolf, arguably, than Rita. There are similarities between Little Eyolf and the production of Medea that we just did.

This feels like great timing for this play, and really clever toniight following MedeaI think. The role of women and their traditional identity as being a wife and a mother is a very pregnant topic at the moment in theatre and discursively in film as well.

Think about what it would have tknight to say: The initial reaction to Little Eyolf was really mixed. George Bernard Shaw, who I mentioned earlier, absolutely hated it.

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To be blunt, a lot of women, a lot of feminist critics, really adored it: Making Little Eyolf. Principal Partner.