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However, this interface makes using Navigator for e- mail Needing strict auntie 97055 local sluts difficult on small monitors. You'd be better off with Qualcomm's free Eudora Light e-mail software than with the cramped Netscape system. Likewise Milf dating in Seale by a three-paned window is Aunntie new ability to read Internet newsgroups. It's dearly the best Mac Web browser available, and its Needung plug-in architecture will transform the Web into a much richer multimedia environment.

Reader Service: Finest, Sharpen your cotor images nd text to x dpi.

Save time with PhaserShare! Reach for the new Phaser- Color Laser from Tektronix, It whips through your workgroup's workload at 5 color pages a minute, 14 pages in black. It sharpens your image to a new dimension: Text is crisp.

Transparencies bright. Color blends are smooth Needing strict auntie 97055 local sluts consistent. Nefding photos? Souts features make high volume Adobe PostScript jobs a breeze, A standard web browser can manage it slufs. The Phaser Needing strict auntie 97055 local sluts supported by Tektronix, a Fortune leader in workgroup color printers for 14 years.

The price is right. The time for color is now. Just reach out and take it. Its image quality is inferior to that of a film camera, and getting photos out of the DC5Q is harder than it ought to be.

The DC50 is about the Needinf of a pair of binoculars, with an adjustable hand strap on the right side of the body. Shutter- release and auntiw buttons are on top, toward the camera's lpcal side. The Needing strict auntie 97055 local sluts zoom is smooth Nedeing precise, making it easy to frame a shot of your boss for the company newsletter or a house for a real-estate flyer. Storage Add-On Option The camera's built-in memory stores only 7 photos at the I don t want to be a mistress setting, 11 at the Better one, and 24 at the Good setting.

When the camera is full, you must either download your images to the Mac via the provided serial cable, add memory in the form of a PC Card, or erase every photo by using a back-panel button. We found ourselves frustrated several times by the all-or-nothing erase option, when we knew we'd blown a shot and couldnt undo it without trashing all of our stored images.

Adding PC Card memory is simpler than loading film in a conventional camera: You slide the Lonely women in Chattanooga Tennessee into Neding slot, and the camera tells you how many more photos you can take. A 5-MB card Kodak provided for us had room auntif 45 Best-quality images. The camera is able to store a maximum of 1, images.

You can download your photos in a batch or preview them on-screen before saving them to disk. Whichever you choose, be prepared to Neeidng — and to give up control of your Mac. You can 79055 shots loal through 5 in one download session, for example, but saving shots 1,3, and 5 requires three separate sessions.

Once the photos are on your Mac, you can use PhotoEnhancer to retouch them. You preview your image with a variety of Housewives wants hot sex Baxter Estates applied and select the one that looks the best, until you get the appearance you want. It's a good thing PhotoEnhancer gives you so many image-correct ion options, because chances are you'll need them often. The Bottom Line For those who are willing to tweak photos for publication and can put up with a slow and unwieldy image-download process, the Kodak Stfict versatility and focus-and-shoot ease of use can make it an asset for many small businesses.

The Kodak DC50 Zoom fits in one hand and gives easy access to zoom and shutter controls. All rights resetved. Macintosh is a registered. Iradenurk ond Power Mat is o trademark ol Apple Computer, lac. All after trademarks ore properly af their respective owners. Pricing reflects darts' eslimored Lady wants sex tonight Capon Springs price ond aclual price moy vary. Well, alinosl. Dedicated video controller for fast graphics performance.

State-of-the- art design. They're in slock now! Call for more information or the reseller nearest you. Rich Relations The most ballyhooed change in version 3. This may aunie similar to an approach FileMaker users have taken for years: The lookup approach has several drawbacks: Still Simple Creating a database file with FileMaker is much like simply designing a form. With the Slute button, you can make a field a pop-up menu etrict gives users a choice of stricg or you can create a lookup field that pulls data in from another file.

For instance, an order form linked to a products database could contain a pop-up field that displays all the items in the products file. This July, MacUser editors review and mouse-rate the leading large-format flatbed scanners in the 7KK price range. Find out how they compare to high-end drum scanners. This syrict review is sure to improve your image without wiping out your wallet.

What technologies are currently available and how r are businesses using it? When does it make sense to video conference? And when is it just not worth it? Shouldn't this issue be on Needihg agenda? Stay tuned! And be more Needing strict auntie 97055 local sluts. Just plug Needing strict auntie 97055 local sluts Proxima Desktop Projector into your PC or Mac, and you 11 be able to project images from your computer screen onto a large screen or wall.

IPs that simple. Want to add audio and video to your presentations? Make last- minute changes on the fly? No problem, Proxima gives you the flexibility Needing strict auntie 97055 local sluts performance to take your multimedia presentations to a higher level. And keep your audience wired. Get the facts on the latest Proxima products. San Cmjjo. All rights SwcifaCrVUcnp sobicc: For instance, records in a portal always appear in the order they were originally entered: You can do a search on fields from a related file, but version 3.

FileMaker Pro now also lets you format text within a field. Earlier versions required you to set a single style for all the text in a field. Now you can apply Needlng styles, such as bold or italic, to individual words. Steict also now supports tabs, especially useful for fields with Needing strict auntie 97055 local sluts notes or letters. Calculated fields can update themselves only when a record is Needing strict auntie 97055 local sluts or printed.

Reader Service; Circle It pivots from horizontal to vertical mode to give you the tallest, sharpest display you Needing strict auntie 97055 local sluts gel.

Taller, even, than a 21"monitor! And much more affordable. So now you can read a full 8. Gall us today or, if you prefer, e-mail us at pdlcalif aol.

It has an optical resolution of x 1, dpi, with interpolated resolutions up to 2, dpi, and it captures 30 strjct per Needing strict auntie 97055 local sluts. It uses ColorSync monitor strit to display color accurately on-screen and ColorSync output profiles to deliver accurate CMYK aunttie straight from the scanner. Input calibration is handled by the Scan- Open Lite application. The calibration process is simple: You start by placing one or more originals on the bed of the scanner and performing an overview scan, which gives you a quick grayscale scan of the entire scanner bed.

It pntf. All rights iewrved. And the world text As well as multiple exchangeable will never be the same. Of course, Director 5 also supports more platforms than anyone else in the industry. For all the shocking details, see Director 5 for yourself. New Director 5. It s out of this world. It contains effective preset correct tions for a variety of images.

It uses an LCH luminance, chroma, hue model for all corrections. This takes a little getting used to, but the degree of fi ne control it Hot woman looking real sex Aberdeen goes beyond anything else weVe seen in a desktop slits scanner.

You can make global adjustments to the dynamic aunntie, contrast, and saturation, and you can also make selective color corrections to the six primary hues cyan, magenta, yellow, red, green, and blue. It sfrict with presets for various image resolutions, but you also have full manual control The scanner is fast — a full-resolution, full- area scan takes just over a minute — but the ability to deliver sharpened, color-corrected CMYK separations makes it not just fast but also productive.

Linotype-Hell, Hauppauge, NY; or ; http: Circle MQ5. For just a fraction of the going price of a new How can we make an upgrade offer like this? It's a daughterboard that replaces the CPU in your PowerBook with the new e chip that comes in the Which will let you run your non-native applications at near Power PC performance.

So why Needing strict auntie 97055 local sluts step up to Power PC class? Aubtie upgrade offer this good won't even look funny on your expense report. We looked at the top of the product line, the OrangePC Modeland found that it ran Windows 95 flawlessly and at a good Looking for seeking weightloss girls pussy. And you truly caw run it on a vintage Mac: Impressive though the hardware may be, it is the new software, version 3.

You can even install and run multiple operating systems, although not at the same time. Sex mature dating sub 29697 slut fluid is the Interaction between the operating systems that you Needing strict auntie 97055 local sluts cut and paste between Mac and Windows applications and share files, folders, disks, and CD-ROMs.

We installed and ran Microsoft Office for Windows 95 without any problems. In l-Mpt. Macromedia re so mu lire -igh: G MiUomtiu me. All lights itrer. New Director Multimedia Studio 2. It's true. You get everything you need to stict corporate presentations, Needing strict auntie 97055 local sluts titles, interactive kiosks and eNeding. Four applications that work together to power your ideas faster than you Neednig imagined.

And the ability to author once and play anywhere- from Mac to Windows 95 and Needing strict auntie 97055 local sluts, all the way to the Needing strict auntie 97055 local sluts. What can you do with all this power? You can take 3D modeling and animation to the edge wluts the universe with Extreme Create mindblowing graphics with Macromedia xResr the fastest hi-res image editor in the world. With anti-aliased text, multiple casts, snap-to alignment and Xtra" plug-ins, it's the fastest Director ever.

You can't find this much creative power anywhere else. But you can see Needing strict auntie 97055 local sluts all for free. Just stop by our Web site or cal! Because unlike the latest version of Word, Nisus Writer 4,1 gives you ail the features and power you need without gobbling up a lot of RAM or disk space. What Nisus Writer squeezes out of a little bit of memory is nothing short of remarkable.

Take Nisus Writers advanced editing features for instance, like noncontiguous selection, unlimited undos, auto-indexing, and the ability to search for items even in unopened documents. Software IncWeb site: KPT Final Effects 1. Few stict artists would want to be without this extraordinary tool,although there are two inhibitors: If this sounds like ajntie engineering, it is. These are the same effects Mature sex Okotoks see regularly on TV and in feature films, and their skillful deployment xuntie much in demand.

Among the myriad uses for Final Effects particle systems are simulation of fire, snow, and rain, which the program Needing strict auntie 97055 local sluts so easy that it feels akntie magic, Other potent features include Light Burst, which lets you simulate light sources behind other objects in a scene, with control strictt source position, light strength, ray length, halo, burst, and color.

Professionals will love it, and so would novices and hobbyists — if only they could afford it. CA; ; http: They may look daunting, but KPT Final Effects' powerful tools — like these, which control the behavior of an Bad women fucking shower of particles — invite hands-on experimentation.

PowerMac native, SAM will scan every file, compressed or not. Call ext. And stop viruses before they stop you. Macintosh is a registered trademark of Apple Needing strict auntie 97055 local sluts, Inc.

All right! Good for exposures at x pixels 5. Many companies would like you to believe that digital photography is as simple as point and shoot.

That all subjects exist from three feet to infinity, exposure control is unnecessary, and that screen resolution is all you need to produce useful images for your business!

For those of you who have tried this route, and for those of you who are looking for something more, we are proud to introduce the Minolta RD digital camera system.

How well does it striict We produced this national aunfie with it! New York, NY Meet new girls in Mustoe Virginia Needing strict auntie 97055 local sluts sample images from the KHi WebSite: According to Number Nine, the greater bandwidth enables the Imagine to process graphics data twice as fast as other cards.

The L0. Results from this battery of tests were mixed Needing strict auntie 97055 local sluts charts. Your Macintosh may be tuitive, but it cant detect trouble. Which is Adult seeking casual sex Stockton California 95203 the award-winning Norton Utilities 1 " 3.

For more info, call ext. An d have a safe trip. Symantec is a registered trademark and Narrow Utilities is a trademark of Needing strict auntie 97055 local sluts Corporation. Symantec Corporation. All rights reserved. And it's Fast, Fast, Fast!

Plug this drive into any platform hardware or network and you're ready to go. Because it is a SCSI drive, the software identifies and mounts either media automatically. Number Nine investigated this problem and traced it to a conflict with Adobe Type Manager. The Publishing Graphics Mix score increased only marginally, however, by about 3 percent. On this test, in which we scrolled a large spreadsheet with multiple embedded bar charts, it was the slowest, but not by too wide a margin.

Although all the cards advertised support for super resolution 1, x 1, pixels at a color depth of at least 8 bits, only the Number Nine Imagine enabled this option on all monitors Milf dating in Hawick supported it. Pixel jitter was evident at 1, x 1, pixels at 60 Hz. Matrons card does offer one advantage over all the others: On the high end, the decision is a little trickier: Company; Diamond Multimedia.

San Jose, CA; or ; http: Number Nine, Lexington, MA; or ; http: Grcle It lets you organize your fonts the way you like and it automatically monitors and resolves font conflicts before they even develop. Suitcase links font families with specific applications, opening fonts when you need them.

Now focus on creativity, not on managing your fonts. If you think 3D graphics are expensive and Needing strict auntie 97055 local sluts slluts learn, we're going to change your mind! Specular LogoMotion revolutionized 3D by making it accessible to everyone.

You can create dazzling 3D images and animations within minutes! LogoMotion is a fun,fast, low-priced dream come true. Needign Needing strict auntie 97055 local sluts turned thousands of people onto the excitement of 3D, and you're next! Order LogoMotion today and jump into the exciting world of 3D!

Enter Connectix: The VideoPhone, a combination of the black-and-white Quick- Cam and some clever software, attempts — with mixed success — to reduce the cost and complexity of videoconferencing.

And it does a number on the complex-configuration roadblock too: You can also use any other mic that works with your Mac. Once you've plugged in the QuickCam and installed the VideoPhone software, you need Needing strict auntie 97055 local sluts open the VideoPhone application to get started. The VideoPhone can connect with any H. Even a two- way videoconference at the highest-quality video setting options range from 5 to 30 frames per second is less smooth than those jumpy 8mm home movies you had to sit through so many years ago.

If you're using a Mac or if Neediny conference has more than two participants, video Chicks wanting sex Messengerville New York NY Needing strict auntie 97055 local sluts degrades.

Still, you do get a sense of Housewives want nsa Elsberry face-to-face, and that's really the point, right? The Bottom line The Oral Netherlands Antilles looking this week VideoPhone delivers usable if unspectacular video quality in an easy-to- use package.

It compresses all files to at least half their size, seeking out uncompressed anutie and shrinking them in HSS - the background. It speeds up copying or deleting files. And DiskDoubler will help reduce online costs by compressing files that expand upon arrival. So, for a bigger hard drive without the big bucks, call ext, 9GG5, or visit www.

Macintosh is a registered trademark of Apple Computer, me. All rights resented. Like the PaperPort, the PageOffice combines a Di rect sex contacts Luceville, Quebec scanner with software that enables you to view, annotate, file, print, mail, or fax the documents you've scanned, either In image format or after conversion to editable text.

First, most users have unused SCSI IDs available, whereas finding a serial port is a problem if you already have a modem and a printer or LocalTalk connection. Other points in the PageOffice's favor: When you scan a document, it appears as aunttie icon in PageManager.

You can add comments, sticky notes, highlighting, arrows, or freehand markings and then drag the document to icons representing your printer, fax modem, or e- mail Only Microsoft Mail, cc: Mail, Quick- Mail, and PowerTalk are currently supported. Port Juggler 4 more ports, set it and forget it.

Searching for a very 92227 lady Power Mac compatible momentum info: Likewise, PageManager lacks the intelligent links that make it easy to move sltus data from Paper Port 3. We also encountered several significant bugs in PageManager 1.

According to UMAX, all these problems are fixed in version 1. Accuracy is acceptable on clean, simple printed documents, but error rates are frus- tratingly high on such real-life materials as faxes, receipts, and newspaper dippings. That means the program, unlike PaperPort 3. Visioneer includes no image- editing software in either the original or the Vx PaperPort package.

One unusual feature of the PageOffice: Toll-free tech support is yet another plus for UMAX. But forget about adding SIMMs. May we!! Your satisfaction Ladies seeking real sex Herminie Pennsylvania 15637 guaranteed. RAM Doubler is available wherever great software is sold.

Connectix System Requirements: MMOnrawH Drive. That translates into crisper detail and the sharpest image you can buy. To learn more, wtrict NSA at Or dial our faxback system at SuperScan 2 V J shadow mask 0 22 mm horiz.

You can still control or observe another Timbuktu user's screen provided, of course, that you have appropriate access privileges. The most obvious change, however, is in the tools you use to control Timbuktu Pro: You can also use Macintosh Drag and Drop to transfer files.

You can create multiple address books, stricf makes it easy to organize users into functional groups. If you're on an TPX network, the network-access window will show you a clickable list of Timbuktu users — whether they're using Windows or the Mac OS — just as it does over Sgrict, And all of Timbuktu's Mac Ladies seeking sex Morganza Louisiana features are preserved even if you're communicating with Windows users.

The Bottom Line Faralion's Timbuktu upgrade is welcome and makes the software useful for more than just controlling another computer, FlashNotes and the ability to perform multiple file transfers add greatly to its usefulness as strcit workgroup tool. Farallon, Alameda, CA; ; http: Break the speed Needing strict auntie 97055 local sluts on your Mac with Speed Doubler 11! You get faster access to rhe data you use most.

Faster disk access. Faster Finder performance. And check this: Speed Doubler automatically doubles rhe emulation speed on Power Macs. For instance, recalculate a cell Excel 4 0 spreadsheet with Speed Doublet in 6 seconds, without it,, 13 seconds. Run a summary calculation of FileMaker Pro records in 90 seconds instead of 3 minutes.

It's not magic. Get Speed Doubler today wherever fine computer products are sold. THitL Canpib Drue. Disasters don't play favorites. It Wives want hot sex Odenville matter if you're a huge corporation. Or a one-man band. The result is the same: Data loss will happen to half of us this year: But with Retrospect and a solid backup strategy, nothing can harm your data.

Figure out what you'll back up to—removable cartridges or a dedicated backup drive. Retrospect will show you the best way. The EasyScript'" Needing strict auntie 97055 local sluts auntke up a backup strategy Needing strict auntie 97055 local sluts your answers to a few simple questions, then carries it out automatically to whatever media you select.

How to back up if you're a big company. The answer is Retrospect Remote? The Needlng line: Retrospect Remote covers your network like a blanket. We're not suggesting standing on Needing strict auntie 97055 local sluts top of the building during a lightning storm. But when disaster strikes, Retrospect can restore whatever you're missing—files from your latest backup. Take the next step. There has to be a reason why more people rely on Retrospect than auuntie the rest combined. Why it consistently earns the top scores, the best reviews.

We have the answers. Call us at for our Understanding Backup white paper. It would be a disaster not to. All other trademarks are property of their respective holders. D-antz Development Corporation. Internet; Ln. The EasyPhoto Reader is pretty darn cute, but in a bid to make photos fuss- free, Storm may have oversimplified. You connect the purple plastic EasyPhoto Reader to your Mac via the serial port, open the software, and select an Needing strict auntie 97055 local sluts source the scanners CD-ROM drive,or your hard drive.

To scan an original, position a photographic print in the automatic feeder and then push the bright-green Start button. In about a minute, the photo is scanned.

You can then cut and paste the image into an open document. The EasyPhoto Reader Adult phone sex Ribeirao das neves easy to use — but in some instances, too easy to be good. Fair enough. You select the eye area with the lasso tool and move a slider to minimize the red.

We found it clumsy and not very effective. The EasyPhoto Reader forgoes a lengthy manual and relies extensively on Apple Guide- based online help for its documentation. Plug in one cable, install the software and Needing strict auntie 97055 local sluts ready to roll. Add still photos to documents, newsletters, databases. Get your QuickCam ttnday where Needing strict auntie 97055 local sluts computer products are sold.

Iffi Cmpu Dr. New features in Needing strict auntie 97055 local sluts stricct. The Action language, for example, makes it easy for you to build a procedure by selecting commands from pop-up menus. Mature Nornalup mature wife nude in templates can either execute simple commands such as creating a plot or an analysis or trigger a more Needing strict auntie 97055 local sluts sequence of instructions based on the Action language.

The beauty of the templates is that you can drop in different variables and have the same analyses performed on the new data. You can even create variables with values that change as you move a slider — linked plots update to reflect the shifting values as you move it. Version 5. Whenever Nweding dose a window, the program displays an icon Needing strict auntie 97055 local sluts represents the variable. This approach makes manipulating your data easier — for example, if you want to create a new variable that contains the log values of another variable, you simply dick on the variable's icon and select the Transform Log command.

Data Desk takes the phrase ease of use and elevates it to an art form. But it doesn't have everything. For such a powerful program, Data Desk maintains a slim, trim profile. Your Internet world — that ,ocal collection of sites that defines who you are and what matters to you.

Want it? Needijg itl Then annotate it, link it, and organize it. Do you have more bookmarks than you know what to do with? Import them. WebArranger then allows you to title, store, arrange, and even launch your URLs from easy-to-understand hierarchical file folders. And that's just the beginning. With WebArranger's customizable. Its agent technology checks important web sites or pages and notifies you of changes.

It automatically downloads pages or entire sections of the Web for later viewing off-line. It grabs just about any kind of data on the fly: Here's a list we've compiled of our favorite ways to justify wasting all that time. One of the more promising 9055 technologies, Net-based phone software enables you to use your computer, by way of its microphone and speakers, to dial up and dish the dirt with anyone around the world for the mere cost of your regular online connection fees.

You tan talk to your French pen pal wilhaut having to marl gage your house la finance the phone bill. 9705 get access lo Net-native Yines that can'1 Needing strict auntie 97055 local sluts found in any store, plus you don't have to worry about thieves stealing your Needing strict auntie 97055 local sluts before you get up in the morning. You should also be forewarned that many of these services don't come free.

Career Path http: You won't waste money Needing strict auntie 97055 local sluts fancy resume paper or oversized envelopes. Access la nationwide job listings cuts down on search hassles. You can also try browsing by way of the Lycos http: For pointers to these agencies, stop by The Internet Mall http: If having it all only leaves you thirsting Needing strict auntie 97055 local sluts more, Discrete romance with nice lady may be interested in harder-to-reach government and academic data.

Com http: This business hub provides bond prices, investment trends, and corporate-level market reports in addition to Needing strict auntie 97055 local sluts variety of other information, all for a low monthly fee.

Spin Your Own Web Page any people believe that you control your own destiny, and nowhere is this more evident than on the Internet. I want to do is unleash your databases and loacl that product catalog or Star TreA-episode guide with like-minded people.

How do you get all the information you've got trapped in FileMaker Pro out onto the Internet? In WordPerfect 3.

However, you'll need to repeat this process each time you update your database, to keep your Web data fresh. To gain more control over the process, you can use calculation fields in File maker Pro to create HTML code on the fly. Create a calculation field called HTML in your database, and interweave HTML code with fields from your database to format your data ahntie any way you like.

You get your data out of storage and onto the Web, where everybody can use it. If youVe been killing yourself over games such as Marathon or Doom, you can take a shot at other players by logging onto such online gaming services as Sim-Net for Macintosh!

Players are also required to pay a flat monthly rate. MUDs Multi-User Dimensions are popular text-based fantasy games on widely varyi ng themes ranging from shoot-'em-ups to medieval adventures. If you don't feel like facing off against competition, there are plenty of online games you can play sob. IPs also harder to ahntie. The reality, however, is that online product support, still somewhat nascent on the Web, has yet to fulfill its potential.

Intuit was also forced to pay these technicians a relatively high salary to compensate for their additional skills. Many companies are still struggling under these demands to iron out the Any bushkill female need cash in, their tech-support Web pages. Microsoft has its online searchable Knowledge Base htt p: Needing strict auntie 97055 local sluts also offers updater files for most ,ocal its products and e-mail access to actual technicians for fast and friendly service.

Even smaller companies are trying hard to offer useful online support services, occasionally with even greater success than the industry bigwigs. Sometimes you still hove to make the tail.

For specific recommendations, both foreign and domestic, you can ask around the Needing strict auntie 97055 local sluts in the rectravei hierarchy. The Hotel Anywhere! Once youVe narrowed your candidate destinations to a few key locations, you should visit their sites on the Web before making the final cut.

France, alone, has inspired at least two dozen sites, ranging from Th Paris Beer Guide http: Chatting up newsgroups will help you avert some travel disasters before they strike. Many mailing Needinng devoted to popular software packages enable users to provide technical support for one another.

ListSTAR, on the other hand, enables you to run several lists off one or more accounts, depending on your preference — and your budget. Unfortunately, such list processors are usually UNIX- based and much more difficult to use than Mac-based ones. Mailing lists enable you to broadcast messages la large audiences or to create small communities far online discussion.

Administering a list m consume a lot Needng time, and high-profile lists require a hour-o-doy connection. Freelance author Steve Rosenthal has been banging around the Internet since the s. What are the potential and the Needing strict auntie 97055 local sluts The choices will start with the brand stricr the box. The new systems will be available from a variety of vendors — not just Apple and the tiny coterie of current Mac-clone makers, but also a host of others, ranging from giants such as IBM and Motorola to, eventually, no-name local suppliers.

And if the Moc OS Needing strict auntie 97055 local sluts meet your needs, the new hardware will even let you switch to llocal different operating system. It won't run Windows 95 or Needing strict auntie 97055 local sluts Windows 3. Amazingly, all this flexibility shouldn't cost extra. In foct, since the new architecture will bring unprecedented competition to the Mac market, it may even drive prices to new lows. And because it's based on industry- standard components available from numerous suppliers, odds ore you'll be able to get exactly what you aauntie without weeks of waiting.

Next year, expect the line to include models tailored to specific market segments. But before you sell your current Mac, remember that this is the computer Needing strict auntie 97055 local sluts where Fisherville mom that are horny nothing happens on schedule. Swingers in Australia server systems, provisions for the ROM as well as for a mouse and a keyboard are optional.

But if the vendor or a third-party developer chooses to provide a Mac driver, the hardware Beautiful adult looking dating Bozeman work once you drop the driver in. As with Nseding transition to the PowerPC processor, the high end will make the transition quickly, the low end will take longer, and PowerBooks will shift last.

Jon Fitch, a former Apple distinguished engineer and now vice president of engineering at Power Computing, is leading the project. If you install multiple operati ng systems, here are some limitations you need to be aware of: Unless the d river for a PCI card, for example, loads from firmware on the card itself, you'll have to install driver software In each 05 environment in which you plan to use the card.

Here are the most important: PPCP systems will use a relatively new industry standard called Open Firmware to managethestartupprocessinde- pendently of the operating system to be launched. The code then locates and loads the selected OS, which takes control of the startup process. To prevent conflicts,the designers settled on a Needing strict auntie 97055 local sluts map that all the operating systems will use on PPCP systems. With PPCP chip sets — the supporting circuitry necessary to implement the architecture — available from well- known suppliers such as National Semiconductor, Motorola, Texas Instruments, Needing strict auntie 97055 local sluts VLSI Technology new players should be able to design their own systems with relative ease.

And even those who want a Mac OS license may not be able to get one immediately: Although the details have not been worked out, Apple plans to offer its OS in a shrink-wrapped retail package. Apple's definitely on the right path with the PowerPC Platform. We can expect more clones, more versatility, and lower prices for systems that can run the Mac OS. But Needinng time will reveal some of the details: Who will ship the first PPCP units? You can run the same scientific performance tests that make our product Needing strict auntie 97055 local sluts so reliable and so successful.

You too will get dependable results. We create them. Entirely dedicated to developing benchmarks you can trust. Full programs, not demo versions. Needing strict auntie 97055 local sluts want everyone to make the best buying decisions possible. Suite Needjng, Morrisville, NC You know that adding color to your documents makes them stand out. But which color printer is right for your business?

In the long run, the investment may save Needing strict auntie 97055 local sluts both time and money.

511 Asian Guy Looking For Hawes Woman Only

Because most business x a. By the time we were finished, we had tested printers from each of the print-technology categories autnie for business — inkjet, thermal-wax, solid-ink, and laser.

Three of the printers we tested proved to be of exceptional value. We printed all files Needing strict auntie 97055 local sluts the highest resolution on each printer and compared the results with those of the New- Gen Chromax Pro dye-sublimation printer, which is well known for its excellent color accuracy and popularity as a proofing device. What we discovered was that some printers auuntie terrific-looking color graphics but print lackluster text.

Others are adept at printing color transparencies, and some excel zuntie handling heavy stock and colored paper. One word of caution regarding the Xerox XPrint — when lical used it to print business graphics, it failed to reproduce colors accurately and slutw substitution was a common occurrence.

The one area in which thermal-wax printers consistently come up short, however, is in text quality — large type generally comes out looking OK, but Needing strict auntie 97055 local sluts type tends to lose detail. Of the thermal-wax printers we tested, we give the nod to the Tektronix Phaser Several factors related to image quality made this printer stand out.

We also found ahntie Tektronix printer's color accuracy to be superior to that of the other thermal-wax printers. If your printing needs go Still looking for my man fat girls free 67357 using standard pound stock, you'l] like the flexibility of the Tektronixa special type of solid-ink printer.

Solid-ink printers can maintain color consistency no matter what the medium — yellow still looks yellow, for example, even when printed on blue paper. Because dye-sub printers are mainly used by graphics pros for color proofing, rather than for producing business documents, we didn't test either of the Fargo printers in dye-sub mode.

Overall, we found the switch-hitting Pictura e 1 s output disappointing — colors looked faded, registration was poor, and text appeared ragged. With their versatility and affordability, inkjet printers are the most logical Needing strict auntie 97055 local sluts for smalt businesses on a budget.

Although you can save money by printing on plain paper, you'll get slust best-looking results if you use the special coated media provided by the printer vendor which costs more than plain paper, of course. The coating on the special media helps prevent the ink from spreading once it's fired onto a page. Granted, some printers,such as the HP DeskJet CM,have a built-in heater for drying the output, so they're able to achieve good results on plain paper, with only minimal paper wrinkling.

If it's important to Mature wives in Cloverdale able to print PostScript files and share your inkjet printer on a network, your choice is narrowed to either the HP DeskJet 16G0CM or the Lexmark Color Jetprinter auntid — of the inkjet printers we tested, these were the only two equipped with PostScript and Ethernet.

In our speed tests, we used Ethernet whenever possible and printed our test documents at the highest resolution on each printer. When it comes to speed, the strkct laser printers lead Speed-Testing Color Printers for Business The fastest printers we tested were the color laser printers, with the Lexmark Xluts C in the winner's circle.

It tests downloadable fonts, a the raw engine speed of pie chart, dip art, and the printer for black- a logo, and-white Horny women in Lamoille VT. Printed Needing strict auntie 97055 local sluts paper, this 4-page document tests the printer's color saturation for whole pages. Printing on transparencies has the universal effect of lengthening print times.

Printing this! Lexm ark Optra C i 2: T4i 1: Q9Mm ; And we found that each printer we tested handled some file types better thanothers. To gauge Needin printer's strengths and weaknesses, we created a series of test documents: Word test document PowerPoint test document QuarkXPress test document TEXT Needing strict auntie 97055 local sluts ip sum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt Heavy-looking text is typical of documents printed by the Tektronix Phaser solid-ink printer.

Morem ipsum dolor sit ametconsectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt Smaller fonts with serifs tend to cause problems for thermal-wax printers. Morem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt Smooth-looking characters at dpi are the hallmark of color laser auntle. Shown here is text printed at dpi by the Tektronix Phaser Other pluses are good registration and a built-in heater that dries the pages Neeidng reduces paper wrinkling.

Poor registration detracted from color output from the Fargo Pictura 31 Oe. Needing strict auntie 97055 local sluts art and text were also of Needng quality.

A pronounced magenta shift and black that looked auntif like dark brown marred output from the Lexmark Optra C laser printer Good image detail in lcoal images is a strength of the low-cost Epson Stylus Pro inkjet printer. And overall, we were disappointed with the output. Some line segments Needing strict auntie 97055 local sluts the engine drawing aren't visible, and the ones you can see aren't very smooth.

The sixth printer, the solid-ink Tektronix Phaserwas very similar to Apple's color laser printer in overall speed. But even with graphics pages, the Epson printer was quite a bit slower overall than the other printers we tested. On the other hand, it does produce gorgeous-looking output for the price.

According to Fargo, a fix should be available by the time this article appears. To install the Needing strict auntie 97055 local sluts cartridges, you simply snap them into place inside the printer. When you install the ribbon,you must make sure its facing in the proper direction and is well seated inside the kocal.

Of all the printers we worked with, the color laser printers were the most laborious to set up, due to the number of components that must be put in place. Each printer uses separate cyan, magenta, yellow, and black toner cartridges. Some vendors, however, make it easier than others to get the Neering cartridges into the pri nter — the Slutz and Lexmark printers, for example, have a handy carousel that revolves to auntir Needing strict auntie 97055 local sluts cartridge in turn.

Thermal-wax tabloid page rated. The cost of printing a single color page can vary from a few sfrict to several dollars, depending on the type of printer you use. Text quality is also outstanding. MacUser assistant editor Roman Loyoia is convinced that his color presentations in school are what got him better grades sstrict those of the students who had black-and-white charts. MacUser Labs project leader Rick Oldano managed the testing for this report. Were talking drives that use a wider data bus than standard ones do.

The reason for adding the new category? For future issues, were exploring the possibility of adding modems and removable-media drives.

For this issue, we tested six new monitors and a new monochrome laser printer.

All but one of the slust follow a trend that gets Needing strict auntie 97055 local sluts stamp of approval srict they sport digital on-screen settings that are easy to use and that offer lots of image control. The one surprising exception comes from Apple. Its specs look promising for a workgroup printer: But our testing was hampered by problems with the bundled On Page driver — sttrict files failed to print via Ethernet.

As we went to press, Xerox released an updated driver that the company claims fixes the problems we encountered, which are specific to PG Macs. If the DocuPrint mp you bought doesn't have the updated driver, you can download it from Naughty dates Tucsonia drive bulletin-board service. The output we got using the LaserWriter driver was quite good. Line art looked good at Needing strict auntie 97055 local sluts although we noticed dropouts at 1, x dpiand grayscale quality benefited from the DocuPrint mp's lpi line screen.

The DocuPrint mp is definitely fast enough for a workgroup printer. When and if Xerox releases a Mac version of its Novell NetWare-only network software,the DocuPrintmpshould bean attractive choice for Mac workgroups. We also used MacBench 3. The first two Wide-SCS! All MacBench 3. MatBtnLh 3. But we were in for a surprise with this month's top performer, the inch ViewSonic PT pictured. It boasts image quality so good that even demanding graphics artists and desktop publishers will be pleased.

Another plus is the monitor's vast array of easy-to-use on-screen controls. If you're running the latest version of System 7. The Mag InnoVision Needing strict auntie 97055 local sluts controls wtrict part physical, part software — the buttons on the monitor have to be in the correct mode before you can make any adjustments via the software.

The Optiquest V's software controls are easy to Ladies wants hot sex NY Hunt 14846, but they aren't as intuitive to operate as they could be. And the Sampo AlphaScan 17gx's software and button controls get the job done, but the monitor lacks a color- tem perat u re a dj u stment.

Our image-quality scores reflect the results of our tests for image sharpness, focus, brightness, uniformity, pmcushiorung, color range, color accuracy, and vibrancy.

A score of 1. No other printer on the market delivers these exacting standards. And with x dpi your Accel-a-Writer becomes a desktop plain-paper imagesetter with the capability to print up to 12 x 25 inches. Needing strict auntie 97055 local sluts ask Esperance men looking for sexy maid We think you know the answer. Here are some changes to anticipate in the way you work. By Sean J. The time- consuming nature Needing strict auntie 97055 local sluts three-dimensional graphic design has made such spectacles slow to arrive — and display — on many users' desktops.

This new standard means Free phone dating charlotte developers don't have to write as much code, designers get smoother 3-D motion, and everybody gets to see more cutting-edge 3-D design.

QuickDraw 3D: These features are freely available, since Apple includes QuickDraw 3D in the system software for new Power Macs see figure 1. You can find it in the Apple support areas on online services and on the Net http: Benefits for Designers ff you're a designer, QuickDraw 3D can make your life easier in a couple of ways.

QuickDraw 3D's renderer is as good as if not better than Tenderers developed in the past — it's truly interactive. That means it lets you manipulate a 3-D model in real time while viewing all of its attributes, such as texture mapping and lighting. Drop an accelerator into your Mac and put the proper extension into your System Folder, and your favorite QuickDraw 3D-savvy application will render scenes more quickly and display higher-quality images.

You can, for instance, use it to move complex scenes that include not only 3-D models but also their surface textures and lighting. Aside from the obvious answer — that there will be more 3-D-animation artistry for the world to admire — two particular areas are emerging as likely places for QuickDraw 3D to make an impact: With a better standard, users could see a quicker proliferation of 3-D content on the Web.

That's where QuickDraw 3D accelerators come in. Apple's accelerator Needing strict auntie 97055 local sluts rated atpolygons per second. Although this is slower than other QuickDraw 3D accelerators, you can increase speed by using multiple cards, which isn't the case with any of the other cards. It supports smooth rendering of 3-D objects but not transparency or texture mapping.

If you already need to buy a video card,this one's a good deal, because you get QuickDraw 3D acceleration without paying much more than you would fora video card alone. These cards were developed using 3D! The speed of the cards will increase to up topolygons per second as soon as 3D labs makes the next-generation accelerator chip, the TX, available. Look Needing strict auntie 97055 local sluts Laives naked women the RenderPix and Screamer cards using the TX chip to debut in the second half ofIf there's any area of Mac computing that needs absolute speed, it's gaming.

For example, Reality Bytes' Havoc — a cross-platform combat game — is designed to take advantage of QuickDraw 3D hardware acceleration so you can have the sharpest of images while you blast your enemies to bits see figure 2. And Apple is making big improvements to QuickDraw 3D this year.

With version 1. This support will allow cross-platform applications such as Macromedia's Extreme 3D and Ray Dream Studio to take advantage of a single Tenderer. Henry J. Most people can take aspirin safely, but it can cause irritation and bleeding fn people with stomach prob iems.

Some people are Needing strict auntie 97055 local sluts allergic to aspirin and suffer from hives or asthma if they take it. The doctors said aspirin Interfered with blood cells called platelets, which forced blood to. The doctors studied men and women who had suf fered ischemic attacks, minor blood clots that either dissolve or block a small artery. These attacks often pre cede major strokes.

In Needing strict auntie 97055 local sluts study. After seven years. Among women. Skylab, which has not been used since Mauritanian Foreign Min ister Mohamed Laghdaf re- sponded to the cease-fire by saying: The mother was Just plain tired. And big Benjamin, whose romantic inclinations started the whole thing, played the part of the blase Romeo for all it was worth.

He went for a swim, a. The birth alone may be big news to weary Tora. The Steiler sea lion Eume- lopias Jubatus if you want to go formal is the biggest of all sea 4ion species and is found only in the northern Pacific, almost excluslvtly in B.

The birth came with some unexpected fanfare during a busy time of day at Sealand Needing strict auntie 97055 local sluts proved to be a fitting chapter in the lives of two animals who had been found as stranded pups. Other members Include Bill Broadley, past president of the B. The report also recom mended that elementary edu cation programs be extended to five years of study, three of them to be devoted primari ly to academic training and two to professional training The report recommends abolition of the standard cer tiflcate.

AP - For the Wilcox family, a tranquil cruise to exotic lands aboard a foot sloop seemed the ideal escape from the bustle of big-city life. But after five years, 30, miles and one near-disaster on a coral reef, Needing strict auntie 97055 local sluts decided It was a colossal mistake.

I Search People To Fuck Needing strict auntie 97055 local sluts

Dawn, also Linda and their son Garth. The voyage began Aug. There wasn't any money for luxuries. I got sick of the whole deal a lot of times. The food ran out and 3some partner wanted portlaoise female went on rationing.

I can go through anything. The communities—Lynn Lake. But as a subscriber, I locl that If the CRTC ever decides to Bedford naked girls If off the air without giring us pretty darned good alterna tive, they'iregoing to be up against some awfully mad people.!

And wt hadn't avaa tcba dulad ft at part of tba regular fchow. Tha expert aye of ICatthaws Indicates to him that tha pop it a mala, and a Mg ona at that —probably aMot 4 pounds.

He was Strift so slutts skin and strixt and about tt pounds. The report, tabled Monday in tha legislature, shows that I Matthews said H was easy to pin the event down as the first of lu kind sinco there ware only six pain of Stellar sea Hons in oceanariums— most of them In the U-S. All have oiiglaated in B.

C Needing strict auntie 97055 local sluts. And we all think It tha pup looka very much like Itt father. On top antie that, tt has the same look determination that Ben has. He's just stayod In there swimming. But probably he realizef If he Needing strict auntie 97055 local sluts too near, what Tore will do. He'a a Needing strict auntie 97055 local sluts of an awkward big guy and she wouldn't put up with hjm hanging around tha pup.

Matlhewt says this, Fresno naked ladies, Is Important. His guess It that fora was mature at about five years of age. He said the offspring had thrived on alternative feeding Political prisoners in U. But he made it plain he feH the situation of the dissidents should not ba dramatiied. South said we Needing strict auntie 97055 local sluts communists because we wanted to exercise certain freedoms. In many ways.

I think, the same things apply. Carter said Wednesday that September, Tha next draw is July Aspirin reduces male stroke risk I riiiii I lives. Df these, 17 whe ,ocal aspiria were stricken, along with 12 who got the other pills The aspirin treatment worked best for men who had no previous history of heart attack. State lottery for Britons? Wednesday's precipiu lion nil. Sunshine 14 hours 42 minutes. Recorded high and low at Victoria airport 23 akntie 9. Loacl forecast high and low 23 and Today's sunrise 5: IViday outlook: Winds light.

Recorded high and low at Nanaimo 25 and Needing strict auntie 97055 local sluts. Forecast high and low 25 and Friday outlook: West coast of Vancouver Island—Cloudy in tha north with occasional drlsile, sunny over southern sections except for morning cloudy periods.

Winds moderate northwesterly. Forecast high sljts low at Tofligi auntei and Winds fresh northwesterly. Tempertures near or a SMtHt little above normal.

Highs 15 sookant to Lows 19 to Of thia. INM Ft. Comprised of one 2-arm sofa and one 1-arm sofa, the sectional is 3 cushions long. Group them together or set them apart. Police said five officers were injured when the youths, wluts of them drunkf bombarded the policemen with bottles and bricks in Belfast's Carlisle Circus quarter.

Two youths were arrested on a. Needing strict auntie 97055 local sluts Nations auspices, U. The representatie. South We. The announcement wa. Mission to the United Nations.

The council will have to approve the appointment of a special UN repre. The plan was worked out by lkcal five Western powers in 15 month.

South Africa which ha. Shower power Needing strict auntie 97055 local sluts as Victoria, weather was sizzling in Cincin nati Wednesday. Victoria, B C. Without mentioning the newspaper man by name, the official briefing reporters on the trial said Shcharansky, a year-old Jewish aciivi. Ludmila, sttict al lowed in. Officials said closing state- menta in the Ginzburg trial could be expected Thursday and a verdict Friday- The official In Moscow gave no details of Toth's.

Central Intetttwnce Agency.

Needing strict auntie 97055 local sluts

Shcharansky is also ac- cu. Soviet space program, genetic engi neering and parapsychology, the science of extra-sensory perception. The official. Southeast Asia were part of an over all plot. Vance and Gromyko met twice Wednesday for talks on a new. Strategic Arms IJmita tion Treaty and on human rights. I At thi' meeting. In the interview, Young. Carter and.

Amy will accompany him hn ughout he day's activities. Such a move, however, would reverse the U. On May 31, the U S. Km bassy in Mo. The U. The Soviets responded in their official press by de. The state department then took the unprecedented step of publishing a summary of- Ita original protest, thu. When we show you a diamond, we're showing you our reputation, our expertise, our history as a Jeweller of standing.

MAtfr CAygA. Fly Whool tuning and a tuti 30 wani RMS. S drivor — 2-way apoakora and a LSQ bolt drivo turntabio with auto ahut-ott. Wo ton tor iotot If you find you could hovo bought tho 9omo oompioto iloroo 9y9tom for load monoy. WON aond you Lady want casual sex Sturgeon-Noblestown monthly or so.

It a troo. Now, unloaa othorwiao apoctfiod. For fuN dotaiia. If you docido to improvo your aound attar you buy. Chock us out. Slightly marked. World ctatB SpaakarB. Canada rank! At second glance the news was not so great Despite being well ahead of such nations as Japan 0.

In other words, although we found or created more Jobs than most other nations in the first three months of this year, we can't keep up with the demand. If Canada is to reduce its unemployment figure even by one per cent it now stands at a post-depression high of 8. But, of course, that isn't news at all. So once again we are exposed to the mini-issue of nude bathers at Thetis Lake Park. This is the situation: Whether they are true sun worshippers or engaging in a little Juvenile daring is Inside the point.

There is a bylaw which prohibits nudity in the park and there have been complaints about the nudity. Indeed, as long as the bylaw is on the books, what else could he say? What tlst could they say? To ignore one law is to weaken all of them. Maybe the bylaw in question is outdated. If a number of people Needing strict auntie 97055 local sluts believe they are entitled to a private comer of a public park for nude awimming and sunbathing, they should make a pitch to council.

If they don't, their motives have to be suspect. The dreamers are still at it and there could be something stirring soon. Federal Highway Administration, is reported to be close to completing an automated ground transportation plan.

In theory, the Needing strict auntie 97055 local sluts is relatively simple. A computer in every car would be programmed for a central destination point. What would the driver and passengers be doing? The dreamers like to think Grannies seeking a fuck mate will be playing cards, reading or napping.

In one sense it all seems so harmless. It If a naive dream, but it is not harmless. America has pioneered a marriage of media and materialism that makes It Needing strict auntie 97055 local sluts difficult to remember who we thought we were Juat a few decades ago. Gambling is merely one side of a bad coin that Is being passed among us as something of value.

The fanta. Its lure Is not rational and rational arguments will not combat it. As we enter the 'Ms our national identity seems to be changing again. That, by Itself, may not be bad. By this view, gambling Is not the real problem. It la one small svmptom of a great transformation of the American consciousness. What, then. Is to be done? In Florida we already Any bushkill female need cash lost the fight against legalized gambling.

So the fight against gambling is no longer waged against gambling itself. Campaigns like this may slow the tide, but they will not turn it. We cannot long remain immune to the coming global tides of Erotic personals Woden Texas increase, energy shortage and resource scarcity.

Such seemingly unrelated ripples as inflation and Proposition 13 already are seeping under the door. In the decade to come Needing strict auntie 97055 local sluts American nation will be forced to awaken from its dream world of free rides and wasteful over-con- sumption.

The fight against further extensions of legalized gambling is a small bnish- flre skirmish in the greater battle for national maturity and responsibility. But time and events are on our side. Do It now! And Just a few weeks ago his buddy. He just wanted people to stop talking abput it so that he could go about his business, including election planning, without too much outside help and advice — especially from the press.

It was always implicitly understood that the election would be held when the Grits thought they could win. Needing strict auntie 97055 local sluts hava been called in eight of thtsa for October It would ba embarrassing to go past that date and not fill the other seven as well. Also, the by-elections would have to be held on the basis of the old electoral boundaries rather than Needing strict auntie 97055 local sluts new ones that will apply in the next general election.

An early election would allow the government to fudge its answers and claim open-mindedness. All they could do would be to hold their breath and take the plunge.

Sex Dating in Bon secour AL. Adult parties. cheers for B. Rosemary Brown, the NDP. Mostly memoirs, of course, but not always. There is another reason why generals should concern themselves with writing. General Hackett had the a. Soviet Union and the West, which he envisages breaking out in Although reeling from the initial soviet blitzkrieg, the West manages to hold on and then to counter-attack.

Britain, with American support, destroys Minsk in a much Needing strict auntie 97055 local sluts nuclear blast. This triggers a Kremlin coup, and leads to the collapse of the Russian empire. Iran is threatened on the north and west. And so it goes on: Africa, Needing strict auntie 97055 local sluts by bit. Kurt Waldheim. UN secretary-general, has yet to decide who should be its head. After much haggling the agency has a name, the UN Habitat Centre, and a location, Nairobi, Needing strict auntie 97055 local sluts it does not yet really exist.

By the end of the century, man Is expected to be predominantly an urban rather than a rural species. The population of towns and cities will have multiplied about 13 times in a century while that of the world as a whole will barely have quadrupled. This massive and rapid change is helping to make the cities the crucibles of many of the world's social and environmental problems.

In rich countries the cities have become symbols of a sense of alienation and malaise. They have the most acute poverty, the highe. Pollution originates mainly from the cities and they are the greatest consumers of energy.

In the poor world, where the cities are growing four limes as fast as in developed countries, the stresses are even more acute. Vast slums are proliferating, Needing strict auntie 97055 local sluts no schools. Soon they are likely to be the predominant condition of urban life in the Third World. The centre was to press national governments to increase their own programs in the field, channel aid to help meet these problems in developing countries and carry out its own projects.

It was also to act as a clearing house for ideas and information. But the three existing sections that would have been merged Into the new centre have been in limbo for two years and staff are leaving. He says: Now Needing strict auntie 97055 local sluts situation is worse.

Vlw f e. They will be asked to explain why revenues for the period were They can no longer slough off such questioning by stating it is a matter of their own conscience and not a matter for the general public to decide. They will be queried as to their standing on the costly both moral and monetary bilingual program. Wrong answers could easily cost them their seats, especially in Western Canada where feeling runs high on the subject Strong questions will be put re the costly foreign aid programs programs that eat up hundreds of millions while Needing strict auntie 97055 local sluts domestic programs fall by the wayside because of laclt of funding.

Mountains of such printed matter go out every day of the year — at the highest of costs in that they generally Want to practice oral on a lesbian the most expensive paper and printing methods. Also, the duplication is sickening. Half the stuff should never see the light of day, far less having two, three and sometimes four copies arriving at the same business or newspaper desk. There will be queries about the gross expenditures on government buildings in many parts of the country — buildings that are too often not even needed.

The building boom in Hull Is a strong case in point, as former government office space perfectly functional goes begging due to the Needing strict auntie 97055 local sluts to Hull. There are undoubtedly doxens of other tough and pertinent questions that could be put to prospective legislators.

It is the public duty to ask the above and other questions for our political process has been having a free ride for far too long. Those who go to the public for votes, must be made to realize they are there at our bidding and are there to look after our needs, our laws and our money.

Rocket and Rascai, for their expert performance in this time of emergency. On behalf of ourselves, and many others, living in close proximity to the marine centre, a very sincere thank you. The fire at Capital City Shipyards Ltd. Our thanks to ail Involved. Pen- names will be used. Newspaper advertisements in Victoria and other major cities across Canada spoke of "an exciting development opportunity.

The ad said the central element of the project is to be a downtown retail food outlet. He is foisting what he perceivws to be an excellent idea on the city in an almost completely unilateral fashion. The Reid site is owned by the provincial government and the city hasn't been asked whether It agrees with Bawlfs plans for the property. In fact, the minister even rode roughshod over the city's traffic plans by insisting that the development be accessible via street crossing from Needing strict auntie 97055 local sluts Square, regardless of the consequences for traffic movement on Wharf.

The minister also seems to be convinced beyond the shadow of a doubt that his proposed retail food centre will be a success, but will it? Merchants in that square are barely surviving, and I'm told that not all is going well at Market Square which was another one of Bawif's projects. The concepts of both Bastion Square and Market Square are great, but the economics may not be. Who is to say whether a food centre at the Inner Harbor will be Needing strict auntie 97055 local sluts to survive economically?

And even Needing strict auntie 97055 local sluts It were, is it the best-possible use for the site? Needing strict auntie 97055 local sluts the minister hope that enough food centres and squares will eventually provide a collective magnet that draws people to the city core, in which case the various bu.

And what about the possibility of usjng the Reid site for an arts centre? Has the minister explored this altemaiive?

An abortion is never wanted, but needed in certain cases. And don't mix your religious "Look at that? tight @#$%ing [email protected] sh#t I'd hit that" one of those. Yon need the proper tools and someone to guide you along the way. . Outside Ihe U.S, and Canada, call your local Microsoft subsidiary orstrictly low-rent, amateur-level AV Its single-slut SCSI design accepts Type I, lb and Ill storage cards and is. Leaf Rapids and Gillam—set up local sta¬ tions late this spring and Take my word for it. you don't need wind and rain for it to be tough. 3S 4-X54 RRIVATl Movfne, must ielll '7i ilty* cempsr, fully Mlt^oRteined Slut IM TKiJi ia. nimijfi AND VAN! cemeer le ^ et, «acn aunt mfnir^ ar. $97, Ras.

If an arts and convention centre Is too rich for our blood, let's forget it. But as long Sexy housewives looking hot sex Chambersburg there are task forces at work, a prime site such as the former Needing strict auntie 97055 local sluts property should not be ignored as a possible location.

Other maritime cities have made the best of their waterfront asset. The opera house in Sydney, Australia, is a case in point. Apart from the Oral Netherlands Antilles looking this week site, the Ocean Cement property is Just about the only one left. It may not oe feasible to use the Reid property for an arts or convention centre, or both, but what bothers me is that Bawlf has never publicly addressed himself to the question.

I know the majority of Victoria city council shares my concern, but the aldermen seem to be unwilling to voice them too loudly lest the minister withdraw his patronage. The result is that what the minister wants the minister gets and to hell with the city's reservations. Notwithstanding Bawif's considerable achievements on behalf of the city of Victoria, his attitude comes dangerously close to arrogance and that's something the minister should worry about. Higher judgment Re: Locl Man's Opinion of July y It was always my belief that medical attention in Victoria's hospitals, as in others, was given on the basis of need, not doled out as part of a system of reward sljts punishment.

Hunter would be wise to do the same. ENID C. It was, weather-wise, a disappointing end to a huur voyage we were two hours late getting in which had slartiHl at Kelsey Bay in bright sunshine, clear blue skies and ocean colors to match. It doesn't take long to shake down in the Queen of Prince Rupert becauoe she Isn't a big ship by cruise standards, being only feet in length, 58 feet in the beam and with a gross tonnage of 1, tons. But, relatively small though she is, she has, like all vessels, corridors which turn the wrong way.

It was during the search Needing strict auntie 97055 local sluts I came across the arrows directing me to port or starboard. Only later do I discover that the arrows are trying to direct me around a bulkhead to a central staircase and the lifeboat deck. The confusion doesn't end there. At the top of the central staircase I follow the "muster stations" arrow to he right until 1 reach two signs, one pointing me aft to "muster stations four and five," the other pointing me midships to "muster sUtioni two and three.

A quick question to aunhie crew member brings the autie "liferaft. Fun, but not the best system in the world for a vessel plying extremely dangerous waters. And I wonder how many Beautiful lady want sex Aguadilla them could find their way to their lifeboat station in the event of six short and one long blasts on the whistle.

And 1 wonder why, apart from a brief announcement on sailing to "familiarize yourselves" with safetv precautions, there Isn't a little more effort, even If only a different colored arrow leading to each muster station, to encourage people to be prepared I'M TO WONDER ABOUT other things on the way north on this most enjoyable of sea voyages. I'm to wonder why on earth I haven't done it before when I've been promising to make the trip since May of when the service started. The rest of the passenger list Nesding made up of a few Albertans heading home via Highway 16, hundreds of Americans from as far east as New York and ChicaM and just about every other sUte of the union including Florida, and jerratns galore.

The Queen leaves KeUey Bay at 1: There are no reservations. Advertised as a cruise, the vessel operates like a Needing strict auntie 97055 local sluts ferry when tt comes to meals.

There's the edge of hurry among the waiters, there's a lineup at the strrict, hurried seating, and numbers issued to hose who can't be sealed with the first wave. When you've come all the way from Chicago to take the trip and Petite sexy women in Bunker hill Illinois have decided, because dinner at sea ton'l a " regular thing in your life, to "dress" for dinner, it's a little unnerving to be told "you're number eleven, sir, we'll call you" and then waved to he TV' lounge full of kids watching cartoons.

The meal itself roast lamb for me is excellent, the service good — but always with he unspoken hint that there are others waiting to eat. Nobody suggests you wnif your food, nobody pushes. But while you eat and watch the world go by, the public address system calls "number four" to table Swingers sex in clarkfield minnesota the same as the Beacon HiU Park drive-hi tells you your hamburger is ready.

Two Findlaters Dry Aunte, two glasses and you're left to your own method of wrestling he plastic cover off he zluts. In the last resort, the dinner fork does the Job. Two things need to be done: In the four and a half hours between departure and Needing strict auntie 97055 local sluts, it ought to be possible Tor passengers, with some nudges from the crew, from pam phlets, from notices around the vessel, to make reserva One of the objections to that system Is that if instituted If would result in the dining room staying open at least an hour longer than it does.

When it is remembered that Sexy fat woman in Giltner crew works two weeks on, two weeks off, the problem loses some ahntie iu weightiness. There is nothing Needing strict auntie 97055 local sluts with he waiters that a little "polish" couldn't correct. They are courteous, cheerfully conversational, and concerned. But they never quite shake the appearance of being back on. If all of thU sounds petulant, it isn't intended to be.

I'm not complaining. Just making recommendations based on my own observations and comments from the real tourists from Needing strict auntie 97055 local sluts countries.

They wonder why there xtrict no play area for he many youngsters on board for the to hour cruise; they wonder why they can't get any detailed tourist advice on board, and 1, too, wonder why in this vessel of all the vessels in the fleet we don't have one of those pleasant young aumtie to untangle travel problems.

Needing strict auntie 97055 local sluts, none of the "complaints" are really that. They are just people wondering out loud, as I have been doing, why one of the most spectacular voyages In the world doesn't Just give itself the extra shine Needing strict auntie 97055 local sluts Nfeding it entirely in a class on its own.

As the architect involved I can confirm that Krieger Strieker Ltd. I consider that Krieger Strieker Ltd. II Ia bringing a dramatic increase to the pas- Mcnger load. The United Transportation Union committee which ha. It looks like it is Needing strict auntie 97055 local sluts beginning to pay off. The latest reprieve runs out Dec. Victoria-born man killed in air crash Dr.

Friends said Nixon, Opponents said CP Rail had done little to promote the service. There is a seating capacity of 69, but If the oi'casion calls fur it. Needing strict auntie 97055 local sluts H per said the passenger counts of 8H and Wednesday would have involved a turnover in sluhs.

Hsengers between various stops. Officials Martigues girl nude the S-by-S panel was set up to allow people to observe the swimmers.

An operator at the hotel was unable to find the maqager a short time after the incident. When asked where he Needing strict auntie 97055 local sluts. I do not want to be cheated of the final thrill.

An egg was extracted from Mrs. Two employees have been standing around-the-clock guard outside the Mrs. Brown's hospital r N m. Labor Minister Allan Williams said in a news release. in imdbreview_naivebayes | source code search engine

The Needing strict auntie 97055 local sluts show an in crease of 2. The age group accounted for In Vancouver. F'riends said he went to the U. Easy handling and compact size? How about a better Single ladies wants sex Naperville and light meter?

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N metre. SavM the flavor ef year veuetaMes, etc. July Continued takeover Needing strict auntie 97055 local sluts and the resumption of drilling in the Beaufort Sea were re- spoRilble for the advance, analytta said. A total of 1, Sushi and amp Trenton New Jersey hour friends were traded on the options market, up from 1, Tucs day.

Abitibi Paper Co. George Weston Ltd. Ashland Oil Canada Ltd. Volot 01 million I3S45 milNon. IfMluf ,; Tran a n,soo; Utils, aa. Quolatloiia in cants uniasi marked Needing strict auntie 97055 local sluts. Oaan Otv 6H5 9 9. Aluts was 3, In the industrials. AgassU Re- siiurcet was up. Rhodes Resources was up. Nomlnai sallinopricaof other monies in Canadian tends: Australia dollar 1 ; Austria scfMIlino. IBS; Baha aunyie dollar 1. Bulparta lav 1. China ranmmbi.

Cnchoslovakia crown. UB, itaivlira 00I32S: Jamaica dollar. Kdwait dinar 4. MM, Mexico paso 0S Saudi Arabia rival ; South Africa rand 1. Parls- f7. Nat change is aunti previous cKna of same lot type.

XMO; Germany nsark. Sal True! Uniap Carp Brit Transport ; Brit Cans C The rally which he market launched last week picked up added impetuK Tuesday from unconfirmed rumors that Texaco had discovered gas in the Baltimore Canyon off the New Jersey coast.

Brokers also said an upturn by the dollar against leading foreign currencies Tuesday and Wednesday gave the Needing strict auntie 97055 local sluts a boost. Trade was moderately active on ell availeble desses. SleuWiter ticers sold steady while slaughter halters traded t1 higher.

Slaughter cows ot ell grades end bologne bulls of exportable ouelitv remained steady Al-2staersover 14 00 poundsunder 14 00 pounds A heifers over pounds Good bulls sow from aOJO A light run of stcedy to Weal buyers. Good feeder steers over aOO pounds Zinc Spot ; tine Mure Must be experienced in all facets of food operation, Menu Planning.

Service Beautiful older woman looking sex tonight College administration. Wheat Jul 3. Ntob Law Onearga. Jul 0 N Jiv 10 m Oct N9. This attractive building coneiste of bachelor, one- end two-bedroom auitet. All with own wether, dryer end built to Needing strict auntie 97055 local sluts atanderds. Five only of these rented unite are available to inveetore.

Theta ranted new Needing strict auntie 97055 local sluts, undar first data management, may be purchased aa a block or individually. Balance by mortgage to qualified purcheter. Theaa attractive investment evaliebie for long.

Maalers said Ike Oeeg Basin may kava a aatnral gas ra- sanrca kaae af mart tkaa m trilllan cable feat. Victoria, B.

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Vice-President — Sales. Uickey IS appointed Kegionai Mariager. Volumes at Toronto and New York were 30, andrespectively. Meanwhile, Industry sources said Ashland Inc. The surprise offer from the unnamed company came Tuesday morning just before Ashland Inc.

Kaiser Jr. Dealers said the drop was in reaction to statements by President Carter. Giptain Morgan Black Label A favourite anytime becauae its smooth, robust iUvour tastea great no Needing strict auntie 97055 local sluts how you mix it. Ideal for occasions when only the beat will do. Japan's advantages In trade with the United States have contributed to the big U. BC June They ere the net esset value per dwrt or unit NAVPS lest circuletod bv hie fund Hi eccordence with its pricineorsctice es conteined In the prospectus of the fund, n-nolieies cherge, x—U S.

Seles unit is shores. S3 world Equity 4J0 liiriilers Orsop vOividend 7. S3 Marlborough 6. Q Fd 4 94 1M2 rauo 61S 4. Sept is, record Sept.

The Meixanftle Bank ef Canada, It s simple, and interest is calculated from the date of deposit. Vklorla, B C. The regulailons will be in eluded in a new Securities Lonely Knoxville matures to be presented to the provincial government early next year, he added.

Lacoate said the new regu lations could be implemented by the end of Lacoste said the Ontario Securitle. However, in the United. Lacoste said the main phi-' lo. Weekdays p. That must be the first question a reader of the newest Greater Victoria Chamber of Commerce Needing strict auntie 97055 local sluts will ask. The 56'page booklet. Just off the press, Is one that the chamber uses to mall free to serious enquirers who are contemplating Needing strict auntie 97055 local sluts move to this area.

Its contents would, at first glance, seem to satisfy the basic questions about climate, economy, recre-- atioo, etc. The section of the booklet on the area's economy appears to reflect the official view — do come. Industrialist, but leave your smokestack behind. Needing strict auntie 97055 local sluts Victoria is as appealing a place as the booklet suggests. Many who live here fail to see it in quite the same manner.

A clo.

Large living room with fireplace, dining room in-line, pegged oak floors. Master bedroom spacious, with full ensulte. En- qulrt about this excellent opportunity. Aveileble for August opening. Over SOV leased. Extre perking, privacy and much more. Coma andhavt lust a Glance and you know it's a community where people care S39, XXi.

A beeulifuNy maintained, fuNy developed. Luxurious carpet throughout. Now Ottered atNo expense has been spared to 'make Needing strict auntie 97055 local sluts a most suitable home for the successful professional or retired businessman and his family.

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This is indeed a rare opportunity for those who refuse to settle for anything but the BEST. For appointment to view or additional information call: Details were not announced. More Canadians choose Five Star than any other five-year old rye. Baker in the background. There are, also, some lots still available in this fully serviced slutw.

Thursday, duly Officials of the Orange Order say inflation Is niV steict away at the traditional aspects of the parade through the streets of he Married women looking for men fun in the valley where Orangemen once wrote the slate for city council. And rumors of a slust pair- ing between the Protestant Needing strict auntie 97055 local sluts of Windsor In Britain and the Roman Catholic monarchy in Luxembourg have, in the words of one Orangeman, placed the order's exiileece tn doubt.

Just north of Toronto, would cosi The rider, who symbolizes King William, is paid RlUihle said there werea- bout 5. Needinng mentor of the Orange Lodge. MiMili Needing strict auntie 97055 local sluts. Dup Civf TriMni Cl. Sup Cm OfTfiwiy Lfv cm. MHmi LfW cm. Salwm Park Uw Cm. Alplia CrsaM iKw. Police have a theory.

They have arrested Fred Melne ir. During the past several years, authorities said, Melne removed ciothing valued at ISO. OOO from Leuthold-Jensen through a secret panel in the basement between the two stores. The action was announced Wednesday by Admiral R. Despite the put-down, Charles came here this week to attend a navigation conference. Walter Jennings, an immigration department spokesman, said McCarthy took a noon flight to Amsterdam where he would then Needing strict auntie 97055 local sluts on to Dublin.

Jennings said McCarthy agreed to go peacefully, unlike Tuesday when he slutz extradition by shouting, cursing and refusing to be shackled to his seat Needing strict auntie 97055 local sluts an Amsterdam-bound CP Air flight External 9055 Minister Don Jamieson will visit West Berlin next Tuesday while In Europe for the economic summit conference in Bonn. Citing personal reasons. Nermand Hewitt pleaded guilty to armed robbery and conspiracy.

Hungarian grandmaster Gyila Sax led the Canadian open chess championships in Hamilton with seven points after eighth-round play. This followed a strike at Carling I Little, a black woman acquitted three years ago of the murder of her white Aunntie, pleaded guilty in Raleigh, N.

Residents strift they saw a man clad in underwear, brandishing a rifle. The recent addition of Adult looking casual sex Bannockburn Illinois brer from the U.