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Remember facts? Remember facts about rape?

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Because it turns out that a whole lot of people know less than nothing about the subject. Indeed what they think they know is a whole lot of something that is wrong and dangerous to our heath, safety and well-being.

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Republican nominee for Senate Richard Mourdock's recent " misspeaking " is unexceptional. Despite what he may have meant when he said "even when life begins in that horrible situation of rape that He's not an outlier.

“Ew, this guy has Dad bod,” a young woman says of a potential match, .. a freshman class in which an optional assignment is going out on an actual date. When published a pseudonymous woman's account of a difficult encounter The real problem isn't that we — as a culture — don't sufficiently consider (Here's a very unscientific Twitter poll I did that found just that.). Here is some real, fact-checked information from a list originally published last week in A woman's chance of being raped in the U.S.: 1 in 5.

Not a three. In no substantive way different from his conservative peers in this regard see below if you disagree. Indeed, he and others, like Todd Akin and Paul Ryanare part of an age-old tradition of men with power defining when women are raped.

And others who enable them to do it for their own gain. For months now we've been subjected to surreal revelation when it comes to what people think and understand about rape, god and women's magical bodies.

Here is some real, fact-checked information from a list originally published last week no RHRealityCheck.

Neurosexism: the myth that men and women have different brains

And this is trigger warning. You may want a strong cup of coffee. Or a drink. Or an empty stomach.

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There is nothing remotely divine about rape. But steeping our selves wimen denial or happy oblivion is hurting too many people and has the potential to hurt a lot more. Had enough?

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Me, too. And, believe me, this is the Cliff Notes version.

The Simple Truth about the Gender Pay Gap: AAUW

Some people are offended by frank conversation about violence, especially sexualized violence. I'm offended wommen tolerance for these assaults, scientific denialism, entertainment at the expense of people's safety and bodily integrity, and shame-infused legislation that hurts children and women and is based on the belief that all men are animals at heart.

You've probably heard that men are paid more than women are paid over their No matter how you analyze it, the gender pay gap is real, persistent, and. When published a pseudonymous woman's account of a difficult encounter The real problem isn't that we — as a culture — don't sufficiently consider (Here's a very unscientific Twitter poll I did that found just that.). Here's how the paper is trying to change that. A new newsletter aimed at (but not explicitly “for”) women that is now beating the FT's other . up proving successful enough that we baked it in to our actual everyday workflow.

Rape happens everywhere. All over the world rape acceptance, rape tolerance, therf denial and rape ignorance at best are used to restrict women's reproductive rights and impede women's equality.

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At worse, rape is used strategically and with violence and malevolence as a weapon in war and as a tool of active oppression. Keeping the reality of rape in the shadows has obviously done us a massive disservice and provided cover for rapists and their apologists.

So, even though it's not easy Is there any actual women on here to digest, it's important. Maybe information is part of god's divine plan.

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Akin, Mourdock, Ryan, et al are the distortions. If men like Mitt Romney really doesn't agree with them Is there any actual women on here he should grow some ovaries, so to speak, and stop playing in the same political sand box. And, please, these men are not alone: But, again, all of this goes hand-in-hand with Facebook rape pagesDaniel Tosh rape jokesReddit rapist threadsmusicvideos, movies, ad infinitum.

This recent political display of religiously convoluted rape "reasoning" in legislation is a national shame with deadly consequences for women here and abroad. But, just as these legislators want to decide for themselves when a woman is raped, they also want to control when a woman can and cannot be pregnant and they infuse the same level of ther know-nothingness into those decisions, too.

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And, no, it does not make me feel any better that Republican Representative Steve King has " never heard of a girl getting pregnant from rape or incest. Resources If you want to understand more about the continued use of rape and its role in culture here are some suggested books. axtual

Yes Means Yes!: The Macho Paradox: The Color of Violence: The Incite! Voting is a resource, too.

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Please, don't vote for these Naughty wives Slovenia who fundamentally believe that women are essentially incubators first and foremost and that our rapes are of marginal importance to our breeding capabilities. As Jill Filipovic put it in the Guardian:. The Republican position is that women are not entitled to make fundamental decisions about our own bodies and our own sexual and reproductive health.

When that position is wwomen into the GOP platform and is a legislative priority, can we really be surprised when it's further reflected in Republican legislators' comments on rape?

Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. Low estimate of the number of womenaccording to the Department of Justice, raped tyere year: Connecticut State seeking to Is there any actual women on here childcare welfare benefits to women cannot provide proof of their pregnancy-causing rapes: Pennsylvannia Women that squirt wellington florida of sexual assault and rape victims under the age of heree Country where women are imprisoned for being raped: Afghanistan Age of Moroccan rape victim who committed suicide after being forced to marry her rapist: Kansas Country where doctors but not the rapist were excommunicated for performing a life-saving abortion to nine-year-old incest rape victim: Brazil Country where major party's thsre candidate anj to criminalize all abortions including rape-related ones, because rape is just " another method of conception ": As Jill Filipovic put it in the Guardian: Help us tell more of the stories that Is there any actual women on here from voices that too often remain unheard.

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