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I Am Wanting Dating I could care less what you look like

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I could care less what you look like

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Spending time at the beachmarketshiking walking.

Age: 43
Relationship Status: Married
Seeking: I Seeking Sexy Dating
City: Buffalo, NY
Hair: Blond naturally
Relation Type: Home Alone And Wants To Fuck!

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Which is correct?

And just like broccoli, her grammar correction always left a bad taste in my mouth. But was she right? When taken literally, the two phrases have opposite meanings.

Yesterday, I made an important website that also addresses this topic: Thanks for helping to clear up these grammatical quandaries. As a writer, I love this kind of post, and look forward to reading more of your content.

On the West Side of Chicago, it is not really helpful to come across sounding like a pompous academic when you are trying to have an every day type of conversation convo. This is considered ordinary folk speech and not ignorance.

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I was an English major at Loyola U. Chicago and an editor, copywriter at Contemporary Books for years.

And I love a good etymological battle. Go Bears.

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I enjoy it though when I share their sentiment when they state "I could care less! And, please, for the sake of all that is human or ascribes to being so, let us always try, on our own, in our own intellect, please, please, try to distinguish between a TYPO and ignorance.

There are court cases relating to this, so it IS a big deal.

You guys. It takes at least three tries to get it right. Implication understood. Like if you said, "Do I care?

Means just what it says. Neither is right nor wrong. Almost falling into idiomatic or regional usage territory here.

I suspect this discussion is something specific to the US. Speaking of unpolished writing: I first heard this dopey locution lless I went in the Army fifty years ago.

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I would sugget the phrase did not originate with someone making this contortion on purpose, but rather out of ignorance. Sadder yet are the gratuitous misspellings by members or worshippers of the underclass. Titles like "Boyz n the Hood" literally revel in illiteracy.

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