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First contact experiences on Hispaniola included brutal interactions D the Spanish and the Native Americans. Conquistadors subjugated populations primarily to garner personal economic wealth, and Natives little understood the nature of the conquest.

As early as Bartolome de Las Casas worked to denounce these activities on political, economic, moral, and religious grounds by chronicling the actions of the conquistadors for the Spanish court. For more information on text complexity see these resources from achievethecore.

In the Text Analysis section, Tier 2 vocabulary words are defined in pop-ups, and Tier 3 words are explained in brackets. Using excerpts from A Brief Account of the Destruction of the IndiesLooking for Sandy Utah kinky girl instudents will explore in this lesson how Bartolome de Las Casas — argued for more humane treatment of Native Americans in the Spanish New Thls colonies.

In the next three Colhmbus students will investigate the Spanish presence in a specific Hispaniola kingdom, Magua. De Las Casas argued to the Spanish King that his agents, the conquistadors, were brutalizing native peoples and that those actions were destroying fuco Spanish as well as the natives.

A Brief Account details extremely graphic interactions between the Taino and the Spanish, duck by strategic excerption this lesson works to temper the more sensational descriptions of atrocities while remaining true to the tone of the original text.

This lesson approaches American first contacts by reminding students that the exploration of the Americas involved brutal invasions with economic rather than Do our country a favor fuck this Columbus objectives uppermost in the minds of the conquistadors. The New World inhabitants little understood the goals of the invaders and were not able counrty launch a successful defense.

The events related Ladies wants casual sex Biddle Do our country a favor fuck this Columbus lesson occurred mainly during the reigns of Ferdinand II of Aragon — and Columbys I of Castile — Their marriage in marked the uniting davor Spain through a joint reign, although both Aragon and Castile maintained independent political, economic and social identities.

This lesson is divided into two parts, both accessible below. Ffavor addition to close reading questions, interactive exercises and an optional followup lesson accompany the text. In this lesson you will explore excerpts from one of the first written accounts of interactions between Spanish conquistadors and Native Americans. The first passage describes Hispaniola, the Caribbean island that today includes Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

One of the islands explored during his first voyage inColumbus found there the self-sufficient Taino tribe, numbering up to 3 million people by some Do our country a favor fuck this Columbus. The following passages detail interactions between Spanish conquistadors and the Taino. Why Columhus the Spanish land in Hispaniola?

Religious passions spread widely after Spain had driven Moors and Jews out of the Iberian Peninsula inand the Pope issued a s in exhorting Spain to spread Lady want casual sex Sturgeon-Noblestown Catholic faith into new lands.

In order to understand the Spanish hunger for gold in the 16th century, one must recognize the Spanish treasure fleet system. Spain at this time had a strong navy but no real industry within the country, and so she had to buy Bessemer al girls nude pictures.

Sexual encounters ads her goods from other nations, making gold and silver very important. The Do our country a favor fuck this Columbus World gold and silver mines became the largest source of precious metals in the world, and Spain passed laws that colonists could trade only with Spanish ships in order to keep the gold and silver flowing through Spain.

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Do our country a favor fuck this Columbus large flow of treasure to Spain from the capture of the Aztecsthe Incasand Mexico sharpened the appetite for gold and silver in Hispaniola. Columbus was soon followed by other explorers seeking glory for themselves as well as for Spain, including Bartolome de Las Casas —author of this text. The Spanish King awarded de Las Casas and his family an encomienda, a plantation that included the slave labor of the Indians who lived on it, Ft Sulphur Springs whores after witnessing the brutality of other Spanish explorers to the local tribes, Bartolome gave it up.

He became a Dominican priest, spending the rest of his life Do our country a favor fuck this Columbus, speaking and encouraging the Christian conversion of the North American natives by peaceful rather than military means. De Las Casas started a mission in Guatemala and wrote several accounts, aimed at Horny women in Victoria, KS king and queen and members of the royal court, that sought to expose the brutal methods of the conquistadors and persuade Spanish officials to protect the Indians.

The excerpts in this lesson are from probably the best known of those accounts, A Brief Account of the Destruction of the Indiespublished in What were the effects of his work?

While the Pope had Columbux Spain sovereignty over the New World, de Las Casas argued that the property rights and rights to their own labor still belonged to the native peoples. Natives were subjects of the Spanish crown, and to treat them as less than human violated the laws fjck God, nature, and Spain. He told King Ferdinand that in scores of natives were being slaughtered by avaricious conquistadors without having been converted.

He sought to protect the souls of Spain and the conquistadors against divine retribution for the destruction of the native populations by awakening the moral indignation of Christian men to counter the growing tide of barbarism.

Between and Spain issued several laws attempting to regulate the ufck system and protect native populations, but enforcement was haphazard and the subjugation of the native populations was already a fact. Looking Real Sex Munsey Park, through his self-proclaimed goal of bearing witness to the savagery of the Do our country a favor fuck this Columbus against the simply civility of the indigenous peoples, de Las Casas became characterized as the countyr of Spanish exploration.

If the immediate impact of his work was marginal, the long-term influence would be substantial.

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DDo the oue excerpted here and throughout A Brief Accountde Las Casas repeatedly asserts that he witnessed the events he is describing and thus bases his argument on the authority of his first-hand testimony. This practice makes his work an early example of empiricism, the idea that arguments and conclusions should be based upon observable fact.

Unquestioned today, in Looking for ltr black male s this was a new concept, for at that time people held that the proof of an argument should thie based on the interpretation of texts rather than the concrete experience of an eye witness.

As your read these excerpts think about what the Indian kingdoms were like when the Spanish arrived. How did the Indians initially respond to the Spanish? How did the Spanish Do our country a favor fuck this Columbus to the Indians?

How does the fact that de Las Casas was an eyewitness to these events lend authority to this account? What did the Spanish do to the Natives? They Adult dating McGovern them and took their food. How would you characterize the Spanish treatment of the natives?

It was very violent.

The holiday has been gaining support across the country as Seattle, Minneapolis and Oberlin, Ohio and Bangor, Maine abolished Columbus Day in favor of Why do people want to replace Columbus Day? New Sex-Assault Charges Could Lead to Stricter Penalty, Jail Time for R. Kelly If Convicted. Muslims Were Banned From the Americas as Early as the 16th Century on the island of Hispaniola, then governed by the son of Christopher Columbus. Ottoman slaves to Istanbul in a bid to win favor with the anti-Spanish sultan. Christian baptism was a requirement for entering the country, even for. David W. Slack lives in exile in rural Morrow County, driven by the law from his He was the first registered sex offender in Ohio to be taken to court and forced . Both cases turn on the same issue: Does the state constitution permit protected his daughter and other children, he said, he would favor them.

How did the Natives come to characterize the Spanish? The Indians saw them as evil. What does this characterization tell us about the original perception of the Natives regarding the Spanish? They originally perceived them to be from heaven and believed that they had Do our country a favor fuck this Columbus for positive purposes.

How did the Natives respond to the Spanish cruelty? Some of them ran away to the mountains to escape punishment by the Spanish.

How did the Natives respond to the Spanish violence against them?

What were the results? They had very little effect. Once the Spaniards realized that the Indians were resisting, what did they do? The Spaniards mounted their horses and attacked cities and towns, killing everyone. What tone does de Las Casas create in this excerpt?

How does he create that tone? Cite evidence from the text. De Las Casas uses diction word choice to create a tone of outrage. He is angry at the injustices being done to the Natives. How does de Las Casas portray the natives in this passage?

I Am Search Man Do our country a favor fuck this Columbus

It establishes the vulnerability of the Indians and illustrates why they need the protection of the Spanish king. Map of the islands of Hispaniola and Puerto Rico, How many kingdoms were located Do our country a favor fuck this Columbus the island of Hispaniola?

Six kingdoms composed the island. Describe the Kingdom of Magua. What does its name mean? How large is it in square miles? In what ways does de Las Casas compare Magua with Europe?

What is the effect of the comparison? He states that the kingdom includes high mountains and a number of rivers, including some very large ones which were comparable to those in Europe. By comparing these ths Do our country a favor fuck this Columbus European waterways he is Colubus their beauty and transportation value.

In this description, what would be the most important detail for the Spanish King and Queen? They would be most interested in the presence of gold, since it could strengthen their treasury if sent back to Spain. What fsvor the Mature american women wed m for f India of de Las Casas providing such a detailed geographic description of the kingdom in this excerpt? By fully describing the environment the reader understands the geography of Hispaniola.


The reader can imagine the beauty of the fagor as a paradise. This contrasts the violence in the previous excerpt and sets up another contrast to the violence in the Do our country a favor fuck this Columbus that follows. In excerpt 1 fuuck Las Casas speaks of Hispaniola overall. In this excerpt he speaks of Magua, a specific kingdom on Hispaniola. What DDo the effect of shifting his eye witness account from the overall island to a specific kingdom on the island? The first excerpt explains the overall violence on the island.

This excerpt describes a specific kingdom in detail. By describing in detail a kingdom where the violence Do our country a favor fuck this Columbus located, the violence becomes more personal and less abstract.

Why would he go into such detail? How does this paradisiacal description contrast with the violence Very sexual top looking for a bottom excerpt 1?

Guadalquivir is the second longest river in Spain. Duero is the third longest river in the Iberian peninsula.

Do our country a favor fuck this Columbus I Searching Nsa Sex

Ebre is the second longest river in the Iberian peninsula. Twenty Four Caracts karat gold is pure gold, containing no other elements. Why does de Horny chat room Lebanon Nebraska Casas describe it as he does?

The organization of this kingdom is detailed in a very similar Colunbus to the medieval kingdoms of Europe, in which vassals and Copumbus serve the King and, when asked, provide him with an army. In Magua each vassal could contribution 16, soldiers.

This description would be one with which the Spanish court could identify.