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Anybody want to go to vegas looking for a travel partner to go to vegas on Are you up for some fun tonight business trip, not sure if i am flying or driving, but will go in either december of january, depending on weather here. Hopefully, you'll find that charming haha Aer just seeking for sweet, down to Earth girl that's smart and has a best sense of humor. 5one1seven txt me or plz no bullshit or no men If you have only ONE thing in common u me.

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Can I also add that the intention should be determined by the tone the person uses when asking. If they are asking it in a light hearted open way, they genuinely want to know what you are doing at the moment or a gonight point in time. If there appears to be suspicion in their soms, they may be implying that you are "up to" something you shouldn't be and should stop. A common phrase is "are you up to mischief?

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It means, 'What are you doing? Yes, it is generally informal.

Another example of a phrasal verb -- see Why do we use 'up' as adverbs for verbs? Thank you for your interest in this question.

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I overheard my manager asking "What are you up to? HanuAthena HanuAthena 4 9 Osme just an informal way of asking "What are you doing right now".

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See esl. An excellent example of a sentence that's awkward to not end with a preposition: True, but it's not like you'd be using this construction in a formal setting.

BenLee The rules of grammar Yoda does not adhere to. I would phrase it "To what are you up," which is still very awkward. If you add an adverb to the end of the phrase, for instance, "What are you up to tonight?

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Noldorin Mehper C. Palavuzlar Mehper C.

What does up to anything fun tonight ? mean? | HiNative

Palavuzlar 25k 57 Hope you don't mind the edit. Makes things just slightly clearer in my view, good answer otherwise. No problem. Thanks for improving my answer.

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Palavuzlar Sep 15 '10 at Can also mean "What's your scheme? There is no definition of "be up to" on Merriam-Webster site.

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Is it not used in American English? I found it only in Cambridge dictionary.

I think this distinction is fof and salient and I'm really surprised the checkmark went to answer that didn't even mention this. Dia Dia 6 I'd add that if you say that someone is "up to something", it generally insinuates that they're "up to no good", or some kind of Are you up for some fun tonight Indeed, "What are you up to?

But without Jonesboro sex personals emphasis, I don't think there will usually be any negative connotation.

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