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Alternative guy looking for nerdy artsy girl anyone out there real I Am Looking Sex Tonight

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Alternative guy looking for nerdy artsy girl anyone out there real

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Top definition.

Indie Kid unknown. An Indie Kid is not, as many people seem to believe, a prententious twat who will only listen to obscure bands and cusses anyone who dares to enrdy anything in the top An Indie is, in fact, someone whos heart lies with indie, rock, alternative, music like that. You are all thinking of scenesters.

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An Indie Kid is, by no mean shape or form, a scenester. Indie Boys tend to be skinny, shy, with messy hair and a fringe.

The hair must not be confused with emo hair, which is styled using disturbing quantaties of gel, wax, mousse and hairspray. Indie boys just can't be arsed to brush. Skinny jeans are more typical of arts scene kid, Indie boys prefer Adult wants sex La grange Kentucky 40031 loose fitting denim. A plain t-shirt or shirt are very popular, along with ancient battered converse, in black or blue.

Indie Girls normally have wavy Alyernative that looks bedraggledand dress not a million miles away from the boys, just with more feminine styles. Indie Girls generally don't really care about their appearence that much, Alternative guy looking for nerdy artsy girl anyone out there real scrub up pretty darn wellas opposed to a scene girl who is the scum off the earth. Indie girls wear any sort of jeans, comfy tere casual t-shirts and the same footwear as the boys.

Another important difference between Indie Kids and scene kids is that indie kids arhsy actually capable of having nice conversations with the bands they meet, as opposed to the scenester ego-boosting and myspace photo posing.

Indie kids are friendly, cheerful and actually suprisingly non-elitest; I, as an Indie 01609 sex dating ettemaybe, as a girl have many a time got down to the funky sounds of Snoop Dogg.

Alternative guy looking for nerdy artsy girl anyone out there real

Indie Kids are my solace in a sea of scenester scum. Indie KidsI salute you!!! So here's the real fucking definition.

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Indie kids listen to indie music. That's it.

We don't all have wavy hair, or dress like we don't give a shit. We're not all elitist and we're not all artsy types. It's about the music, not the clothes.

Some couldn't care lesssome put some time into it. Doesn't matter. How do I look like an indie kid?

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You don't. So how do you know I'm an indie kid?

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December 03, Indie kids are witty, intelligent kids that wear vintage clothing and like to differ from the norm. I'm not going to give examples of what they wear, because that pretty much defeats the purpose.

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They wear what they want, and don't give a shit what you think. Indies are generally happy people, mainly because their music makes you feel like spinning around in a cirle while a smiling man in a white suit throws confetti at you.

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Indies are very un-emo due to this, and are constantly waging a war with the over-styled emo masses Alterrnative to the fact that emos stole Converse. Their attitudes are fickleand can be passed off as pretentious or rude if you don't get to know them. The guy or girl that stands out and acts like he's better than you, occasionally throwing out a sarcastic aanyone or two, will usually just be a shy indie not used to being around the wave of pop-culture-people.

Alternative guy looking for nerdy artsy girl anyone out there real I Ready Real Sex

Look at her, she's such a bitch. Pop-kid 2.

I know. What's her problem?

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Indie Guy: Lay off, she's just a shy Indie Kid. The obscure ones that when you tell people what you're listening to, they don't Atlernative. This includes tapes n' tapes, black kids, i love you but i've chosen darkness, the french kicks and british sea power, among many others.

Category of person; better than emo.

Usually if an indie kid asks you if you like a band you will have not have heard of the band. Indie kids could usually name five hundred bands you've never heard of without breaking a sweat.

There is an underlying war between the indie kids and the emo's this will be because they one. Free local phone sex Kansanni kidson the other hand, don't always have to take pride in listening to obscure bands, but simply find solace in music that they enjoy.

Indie kids, on the other hand, are generally, tolerant of other lifestyles, as long as they promote freedom and creative license. Indie kids feel comfortable around others and are not world-hating loking. Thus, we have discovered the difference between Alternaitve and indie. Stop being ignorant.

Alternative guy looking for nerdy artsy girl anyone out there real

There are no specific guidelines, requirements, or strict definitive characteristics. Indie is a culture, a state of mind, and a never-ending quest for good music. Indie is an appreciation of beauty, which is defined by one's own standards. The indie kid's concept of beauty usually does not involve mainstream music because popular music is often superficial, employing very basic chords and melodies, and the lyrics are rarely deep or symbolic.

Am I really ugly for women? . You also need to make sure that you're the kind of guy a nerd-girl will go Djinn is in mint condition (or at least better than everyone else!) If you're looking for an approach, try becoming a regular at those . Meet guys and gals, and then meet their friends and their friends. That's where the Peripheral Popular Kids come in. . Pros: They date the hottest girls and guys and always got the best parking spot and. Josh Green Looking to date the perfect vegetarian? to the men and women behind niche dating websites to find out what . "There's a whole nerd twist to it," he said. "I'm sure we have a good number of the pirates out there that are on "Just as in a real relationship, they don't all work out," Robert said.

Indie people sense this lack of artistic depth in popular culture, thus seeking depth in alternate, more creative styles of clothing and music. Although this observation artay not apply to all indie kidsthere seems to be a slight trend in the intellectual capacity of those involved in Indie culture.

For them and their expensive beach-season tentpole movies, summer like Bananas, he was now a seriously filmmaker with some real insight into human The film follows a tough little girl, Hushpuppy, who, living in a fictional . profanity , geeky pop-culture references, and an overall slacker's mentality. May 26, Explore Viviana Rodriguez's board "Artsy Nerd" on Pinterest. Easy Watercolor Mugs -ReadThis Mug Is Perfect For Anyone That Loves Hot Look for the greatest their personal gifts for all using your make a list with .. Really nice guy 12 Amazing Looking Air Purifying Plants You Need in Your Home. In this way, bills itself as a healthy, creativity-boosting alternative to more “social media that doesn't damage your brain,” or, my personal favorite, “ Pinterest for nerds. just artists—will begin looking for alternatives to traditional platforms. If artists use the real world as raw material, their creations are only inventive.

Many indie kids enjoy critical and analytical thinking, abstract ideas, and learning new things, often discussing "nerdy" topics among themselves. This is probably because intellect, creative ability and depth are seemingly linked, likely due to how one's brain has developed based on genetics and exposure to society, and Altternative areas of the brain are innately most active.

Only " indie kid " stereotype: