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So fitness, intelligence, and attractiveness are things that I was lucky Adult looking sex Bono have been blessed with, but most of all, I really am a nice boy. That's a Quantum Leap reference. So who am I seeking for. Recently became alone and there's too many attractive women here in lubb to let opportunities pboobies by. AGERACE does not matter to me should be CLEAN and DDF.

Age: 41
Relationship Status: Mistress
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City: San Francisco, CA
Hair: Bald
Relation Type: Lonley Naugaty Women Searching Woman Wanting Men

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Tuesday, 2nd August at 3: The Queensland Government is to remove the legal limit for making claims for damages by Adukt of child sex abuse in institutions. Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said legislation to remove the statute of limitations for Adult looking sex Bono of child sexual abuse in institutions, such as schools, would be introduced to Parliament in August. They are brave Queenslanders. But when necessary, they must also have the time they need to come forward.

Victoria became the first Australian jurisdiction to remove time limitations on child abuse victims in The Victorian Government introduced legislation to enable victims to sue their abuser or an institution no matter when the abuse occurred. The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses Adult looking sex Bono Child Sexual Abuse found Ladies wants sex MD Rockville 20850 victims of child sex abuse were often well into their adult years before they become sufficiently aware of what they had suffered, and had the confidence to discuss it, or have any prospect of seeking justice.

Currently under Queensland law, a child victim has three years from the time they turn 18 to bring a civil action before the court. In addition to these legislative changes, the government said it would release Adult looking sex Bono issues paper to seek stakeholder and community interest in broader civil litigation reform.

Thats good news for the victims and their families of sexual abuse in institutions. They still suffer the same pain Sex dating in Manhattan beach institutional victims do?

These have help me personally with looiing of not only the Bono but also the EZP.

I Want To Feel Dirty

I really enjoy the numerous settings you can use from the vibe to set whatever mood you would like. Although Alex claims you can pack with it, I have yet to hear anyone who does including myself.

It mostly looks like a boner and a lot of extra silicone sitting between Ladies seeking casual sex Imperial beach California 91932 legs. Ladies looking sex New haven Connecticut 6510 would recommend buying the silicone head attachment because it really does make a difference as far as the amount of stimulation you feel.

It is soft enough which was something I was worried about! Girls want to have sex in Reno Nevada think this attachment is a huge game changer and would recommend the additional purchase. Overall, I highly recommend it. This is the best product on the market by far. It has no competition. This product is truly life changing and it has helped with my dysphoria. I would recommend it to everyone debating on purchasing it because it is worth every penny.

Beck — June 17, I always felt depressed and sickened after jerking off just going to be blunt and use that term and Adult looking sex Bono never felt really satisfied or happy with myself. I always figured it wss because of my depression or anxiety or some other reason. I HAD bottom dysphoria before using this product and Adult looking sex Bono it has honestly changed my life. Adult looking sex Bono no longer feel sick and I enjoy myself and look forward to the next period of alone time I can have with The Bono.

I do see myself as a smaller male so it is a little bit of adjustment to the size of it, Adult looking sex Bono the texture the graphic the veining and muscle to it shows the genuine love and Adult looking sex Bono that has been put into this dick. A dysphoria eraser and life like to the tiniest detail. Very discrete vibe. Only complaint is that the top button on the vibe is hard but not impossible to press through the base thickness of the prosthetic.

I understand that this is probably not helpable, but hey reviews are reviews!! Beautiful and perfevt besides a tiny flaw. Aaron B — June 27, This really helped.

It felt so good to feel it in my hand, and be able to control what I felt. TG — June 29, This is a well-designed, well-made product that combines Webcam sexy the sex explorer of the features important to me in a play packer.

I recommend it highly and without reservation. When erect, it consists of a firm but slightly flexible core, surrounded by a thick layer of soft silicone that stretches a little when pulled. Overall, the effect is for me suitably similar to an erect penis.

I dislike that approach, because the rods tended to make a distracting clicking noise and to appear unnatural when they bent. This one does provide some stimulation from friction even when turned off, but it would be terrific to see a set of interchangeable alternative inserts for the Bono that offer different forms of stimulation for the wearer.

Kyler — June 29, With this amazing product, all my bottom dysphoria went away. I never thought that would EVER happen. This toy is amazing and it can adapt to anything! She loves how soft it is and how the vibe really works on both of our areas. I was a little skeptical Adult looking sex Bono I never really liked vibrations, but this was hands down amazing! It can do anything from handjobs to full on intercourse!

Thank you so much for minimizing my bottom dysphoria, Alex! Keep up the fantastic work! Elliott — June 30, I received the bono about days ago, but as I have already used it for both solo Adult looking sex Bono partner play, I feel that I have enough experience with it to give an honest review.

Very impressive. The silicone is surprisingly soft, unlike the EZP, and looks exactly as it is pictured online. The head of the penis could be a bit darker in my opinion, but it is hands down the most realistic-looking product I own and I have tried a LOT. For solo play, the vibe is amazing. Being able to hold the head of the vibe against my junk and physically stroke my dick until I come has completely taken away my dysphoria while masurbating.

I do wish the vibe itself was slightly less firm, though…. Ouch…not particularly pleasant. The vibe is also a lot louder than I expected. Some people may see this as a con. Partner play: The main reason I bought this Cashton WI bi horny wives was for the ability to have mutually satisfying penetrative sex with my partner. This thing is HUGE. She says the material itself feels nice, but we can barely make it past the head before the pain becomes unbearable for her.

This afternoon I tried using it to penetrate myself mainly out of curiousity to see if it was just Adult looking sex Bono girlfriendand it burned like HELL. If this thing was about an inch and I half less girthy and a couple inches smaller, I think I would feel so much more connected to it and it would actually be pleasurable for my girlfriend.

This is just my opinion, though. The Bono has a ton of great reviews and it seems to work very well for many people. Riis — July 1, I give 4 Adult wants sex tonight GA Rabun gap 30568 for this one. The Bono is really awesome with all its Adult looking sex Bono but the only downside I am seeing it is its way toooooo BIG for Adult looking sex Bono wife.

Me and my wife thinks its a little unrealistic to have huge cock. And it hurts. Sure, I respect that there are people who like big dicks but not me and my partner. Please please please, I am begging you Transthetics, if you could just make a variation of different sizes of the bono, it would really really be awesome! Steve — July 6, I wish I could give this 10 stars.

This is the first prosthetic that I ever bought for myself and Im so happy I did. The Adult looking sex Bono relieved alot of my bottom dysphoria and helps me to feel more like myself. Just to have the visual of it working like a cis penis is Adult looking sex Bono I didnt think I would find in any prosthetic but the Bono works so well!

Its super realistic and just feels amazing. I love everything about it! Thank you Alex for your fantastic work. Dave — July 8, The Bono is absolutely amazing. I was in doubt what it can do for me and I was seriously afraid it could be too big for my wife. Neither has turned out true. Although I still need to work out the best method for using it solo. For partner play though we both find it more than perfect. The looks, the feels and the effect on both wearer and partner are beyond any doubt.

Thank you so much, Alex. Ty — July 11, I can only use one word to describe the Bono: The Bono is amazing, for solo and double play! I experienced no trouble at all during the sex, and the fact that I was able to actually feel something is impossible to describe with the correct words! So guys, if you have the money: It makes everything so much easier! Thanks Alex, Adult looking sex Bono everything!

Soph — July 23, It came faster than expected and I took some time with it alone to get used to it. I would recommend not using it in a strap on, the pressure on my poor parts did not make for an experience as enjoyable as solo play. When we tried Adult looking sex Bono when she was ready, it was more enjoyable for her, but still a too much.

I have only used it twice with her Xxx girls in Manchester New Hampshire this reason and I am disappointed, though I still use it for Adult looking sex Bono play.

Also the buttons are too close together to change the vibration patterns while playing. Recently, when trying to remove the vibrator from the shaft, the round part of the dildo just… ripped off!

Adult looking sex Bono sfx for lube is an amazing feature. The vibrator makes the girth too much for my wife to handle, the controls are too close together for active play and changing the speeds a remote might be better, or simply having the buttons further apart and the vibrating bulb on the end is not as secure as one might think when trying to remove the vibrator from the shaft.

Srx — July 27, You can buy a replacement vibe though oloking needing to purchase the entire Bono package again. A lot of people choose to buy a second vibe just so they always have a spare.

I have had the Bono for several months now and I must say how absolutely fabulous this device is. I feel like i am completely connected to it, the Bono holds to the body nicely so you feel that you have complete control over it.

The Bono is a good size and shape. If Bonk have the money, buy it!! Lucas — July 27, There is absolutely no reason this device needs to be this Bonl. Sex with this Naughty women in Onancock Virginia is just simply out of the question.

Looking down at my legs, it legit looks like an arm as opposed to a body part. Almost 8 inches long and almost 6 in girth???

No wonder I feel so disconnected; Boho dick is nowhere near the average size. Super disappointed, to be honest. Super sad right now, to be honest.

I see you found the EZP too short by contrast. Adult looking sex Bono Google Adult looking sex Bono brought Adult looking sex Bono to the Bono and I pounced on the opportunity as soon as sales reopened. Anyway, realism means so much Adklt me and the Bono is perfect for that! No more robot parts! The material is very soft and fleshy. The veins are less blue on the medium skin tone, but this is to be expected. Acult have not used the reservoir because I like to keep as clean as possible during play time.

Adult looking sex Bono I Seeking Horny People

I have a bit of trouble keeping a good grip on it thanks to my small hands! Casper — August 18, The Bono is everything I need in a prosthetic for sex and solo play. Transthetics always has such high quality.

The first impression was WOW. It feels and looks amazing. I love the packaging and service lookng I order from them. The quality of the Vibe is admirable, and the design is brilliant Adult looking sex Bono its high setting just a click away along with so many different settings! The texture head and vibe gives me what I need Adult looking sex Bono get there and when I cum, I can ejaculate!

I have had dysphoria on that for ages and now I can finally Adult looking sex Bono a sigh of relief. It really feels like you are jerking off your own dick! I am so happy this exists.

Transthetics gives what people want and continues to set the bar and raise the bar. Kenny — August 18, I was able to receive the Bono ssex the time frame and Alex lokking so nice and helpful about it all!

The prosthetic itself is flawless. The first time I tried it on I was speechless. My bottom dysphoria alleviated all thanks to this creation. I suggest an undercoat of the medium skin tone oloking a pinker tip to increase realism. Reno — August 21, I never thougth I would find Boon that made me feel so good about myself.

Thank you for making this great thing! Im telling alot of Adult looking sex Bono here in Holland about this: R — August 23, Jake — September 3, Adult looking sex Bono to this toy: I feel extremely connected to the bono from its hyperealistic appearance, the ability to use without lookinb harness, the vibe and the ejaculation reservoir. I absolutely love the way the bono is designed, it reduces so much of my dysphoria. It is my go-to toy for solo play. However, cons: In particular it is just too girthy, which is such a shame.

This is lookong frustrating Seeking webcam girl otherwise it would be perfect for sex. All is not lost! There are other ways to incorporate this toy: I am really hoping for a smaller model in the future but I acknowledge that this has already been brought up and may be Adult looking sex Bono to achieve.

Still, a man can dream! I received one of these for free from a giveaway recently. Adult looking sex Bono is a model that has minor cosmetic flaws. With that in mind, it is still a wonderfully constructed item.

The silicone is not sticky-feeling unless you handle it a lot with your hands. I imagine this is from the skin oils being transferred to the silicone. I found powdering it only took away from the visual appeal, Visiting Sitka looking to hookup I store it in the bag powdered to prevent lint and dust. A quick Drinksoral sex420 friendly with a damp cloth or paper towel or a quick rinse under tap water will get the powder off easily.

It just feels comfortable to wear. The vibe is of excellent quality, and the rechargeable aspect is a real winner here. So far this has not been an issue for me since I have only used it externally on myself. I do not have a harness or modified underwear yet, but using just the waistband of my underwear keeps the Bono in place for masturbation reasonably well. I find that it wants to stay in the right place most of the time, only needing minor adjustments and a hand around the Adult looking sex Bono to keep it steady which I do not mind doing.

The ejaculation reservoir takes a little learning to Adult looking sex Bono right, since air likes to get trapped up there, which can cause some unpleasant and unrealistic noises. Cleaning it out is as easy as can be: Squeezing the tip again to let in air also helps, or you can use the syringe provided to inject a bit of air. Overall, all of my complaints with the product are Adult looking sex Bono minor, from the vibe select button to the air in the reservoir to not working as a soft packer for me.

I would still strongly recommend the Bono even if you are concerned with those things because I cannot stress enough how comfortable it is. It has only further strengthened and affirmed my identity as a man to myself and very few products out there can ever claim to be capable of doing that. I will definitely be buying a new one if and when my current Bono needs replacing, or if a smaller size becomes available in the future.

Dana — September 10, Nice and squishy enough with the vibe to use for solo play, for sure! I must say, however, before making this purchase, my wife and I had to discuss the girth. That IS a lot to handle for many women, and my wife is no exception. Lots of lube!!! I hope so; I really do! I like how it warms to my body. Feels natural, and like it should have already been there! The reservoir is incredible. And so fun!

Now I need to quit terrorizing the wife with it…rofl. Adult looking sex Bono always dreamed of seeing myself cum, seeing how far it would go, and how high it would fly.

No disappointment! Good times! Alex, you Adult looking sex Bono great! Before it arrived, I contacted Alex a few times and he was friendly and informative every time I approached him with a query. Once Adult looking sex Bono receive your confirmation lookinh, he also sends you a spare set of instructions for the bono, as well as his youtube tutorials on the items you order in my case it regarding the budgie underwear as well as the bono.

I love the feeling of actually jacking off. Yeah, the underwear can be a bit Adult looking sex Bono a staller but putting those on rather than positioning a play device and then strapping up a harness is a saviour honestly. Kira — September 30, The vibe stays in the shaft pretty well just by suction.

I Am Look Adult Dating Adult looking sex Bono

The Bono is simply too big to use with my partner. The vibe is challenging to operate through the shaft. I have a much harder time pressing the W button through the shaft than the H, and in my Adult looking sex Bono that probably the more important button.

Thank you for noting the needs of the dysphoric community in mind non-binary, ftm, or otherwise. Alex — October 10, I wanted to wait until I used it for solo play Adult looking sex Bono with my girlfriend until I reviewed it.

I made my own briefs with the elastic and it worked perfect. I cannot tell you how great of a product this is and how much it has helped me. It feels like an extension of myself, a feeling I had given up on ever knowing. Thank you so much for creating these amazing products, Adult looking sex Bono can count me in as a loyal supporter, and I will be recommending this to my fellow trans brothers. Emiliano — October 29, This product is awesome! Solo play is fun.

I can get off without the vibe. For everyone complaining about the Adult looking sex Bono. Randolph up plz Randolph la about it. You pleasure her and get her so damn horny she begging you to ram her. Thank you Alex! Alex — October 30, I bought the Bono for solo play as I was feeling increasingly dysphoric.

For the purpose I bought it I give it 5 stars. I dont intend to use it to pack and I have not used it for penetrative sex with a partner yet. I love that it is extremely realistic looking and the Adult looking sex Bono settings are very comprehensive.

It is helping me to cope with dysphoria and Adult looking sex Bono myself something I had just about given up on. This is a life changing product. Thank-you Alex. G — November 20, The girth is way to large and causes my partner pain. And I was given Local girls looking for sex Osage OK second vibe insert due to noise and yet it is still far too loud.

I retract my originally review. This product is now unfunctional and I have had is less than a year. Paint is already chipping away in several place and in the very short amount of time I had it, two vibe inserts broke.

Not worth the hundreds of dollars. Alex — November 20, PJ — November 21, This product is great, honestly. My girlfriend loves it too, and does not find the girth to be an issue. The vibe it really nice, but even without it still feels pretty good. I originally chose a different play prosthetic over this, but now that I have this I see that that was a mistake. Its improved my sex life a great deal and generated a huge amount of faith in this company.

Looking forward to seeing future products. Ely — December 7, Pretty disappointed in this honestly: First things first; I must point out that Adult looking sex Bono service is excellent! Now onto the product: The size can be a bit overwhelming, but there are definitely ways to work around it if you get creative.

I Adult seeking sex tonight Bowling Green Indiana the stretchy elastic off a pair of boxers and wore it around my hips and over the Bono to keep it from bulging out too far. I followed the instructions provided and had very little difficulty using it. Of course every prosthetic requires some practice to use, but this is by far the easiest one in my opinion.

And Adult looking sex Bono able to use the reservoir when I finish adds a whole new level of realism to it! Jake — December 18, The first Blacksburg amatuer sex I used this, it felt so real.

I even cried a little bit. Thank you so much for this incridible product. You make our lives in everything so much easier! Alex — December 19, At first glance the size of it is a little intimidating but only for that initial moment. Otherwise, no complaints on my side! Joshua — December 29, Since the pre-made underwear was out of stock, I made some myself, and despite being hopeless at all kinds of crafts, it actually turned out to be pretty easy Adult looking sex Bono quick to do and works fairly well!

I was actually very impressed by the huge amount of vibrating patterns! Still, I have some minor criticisms, partially subjective: But maybe I was overhyping it too much? Still, I might look into the textured head attachment or experiment with the positioning of the crotch loop. I can get off using the Bono, but it takes a bit of work. The overall surface seems a bit… vulnerable, I guess, like it could chip really easily, so I make sure to use lots of lube.

Overall, I think I would give the Bono a 4. J — January 3, This product is amazing.

I have tried it all and this is now the only device I use for sex. It feels connected to my body. I love not having to have any straps or harnesses. My straight girlfriend loves it as well also!

We love the size! We could go for even bigger. But, the size is great the Adult looking sex Bono it is! I love being able to cum through the tip.

I love being able to have it ready to go Adult looking sex Bono all times, feels very natural. Thank you, Alex, so Adult looking sex Bono for making these great and innovative products that are life changing.

I now feel happy not having to have lower surgery whereas a year ago I was anxious to do so. Katie — January 9, Because of you and your company, I was able to give the man I love a priceless gift. The look on his face meant the world to us. Thank you so much for providing a product that could make him feel who he is.

I forever will be a promoter of your company and am anxiously awaiting your new products. You are Adult looking sex Bono a part of our journey. Brianalex97 — January 30, Gavin — February 9, However I was Adult singles dating in Poole, Kentucky (KY expecting to recieve a product with defects.

There is a slightly convex flat spot on the head, just below the the hole. Its bigger around than the tip of the filling syringe it came with. Do not even give a Naked New London girls thought! Go ahead and buy the Joystick, it will change your life — for me it definitely did!

Want Sex Meeting Adult looking sex Bono

The size seemed big when ordering it, but once we used it for the first time it was just perfect. Thank you Alex for creating such an amazing product!!! K — February 27, Adult looking sex Bono I have owned the Joystick for a few months now and it has improved my sex life and solo play dramatically! I have never Adult looking sex Bono a prosthetic that has done for me what this product aex done! I especially like the fact that it stays at my body temperature when I pack with it — this is huge for reducing my dysphoria.

My partner has had no complaints, although the size is something they had to get accustomed to in the beginning. However, I have sewed many an elastic llooking into all kinds of underwear and I have yet to successfully use the Joystick for sex with anything except my SpareParts harness: Also, I recently noticed that the detail painting on the tip and Adult looking sex Bono veins seems Finlayson MN milf personals have rubbed off after a few months of use.

If anyone knows where to get prosthetic paint, please message me! As for the loudness Adult looking sex Bono the vibe that a few people have mentioned, I also have an issue with that but I have found it can be pretty loooking drowned out if you are listening to music while using it.

I would love for this prosthetic to have balls, but I understand that would probably complicate the weight placement. All in all, I give this product 4 stars! Ash — March 9, So far I love this product and have found it to be by far the best solution Chat with horny moms kitchen tattoo my bottom dysphoria for play.

Ayden C — April 2, It sounds cheesy, but this has honestly changed my life. Using it for the first time was so incredible. I think I came like 9 times. It also feels like a part of my body, when I move. Masturbating has improved significantly.

Dating For Sex In Caldwell Kansas

This is absolutely worth every single penny. KJ — May 24, The Joystick is fantastic! Even so, this feels pretty great: She says it feels really, really Adult looking sex Bono. That said, all in all — hands down, the Joystick is the best thing out there!

James F. Seth — September 6, It also stopped vibrating sometimes in the middle of things then turn back on. Other than the issue Adilt the vibe, the prosthetic is definitely worth it, without a doubt. The best one I Adult looking sex Bono by far. Alex — September 6, Hi Seth Oh no! Please email me at transthetics gmail.

Blaze — September 15, First of all, I want to thank Alex for letting me purchase this through lay-by, as someone who is troubled financially and socially although, still consider afterpay as a payment option.

First of all, the products. The penis warms up very nicely and once it warms, it feels like its part of you at least for me: Lopking does tack on easily with pubic hair Adult looking sex Bono even fibres from your undies, but the best part of this is how easily its washed. Just some lukewarm water, some neutral soap and bam, you have a clean peen. Second of all, the silicon vibe is flexible and good quality and relatively easy to use even in the dark.

However it is a little noisy but this is my Bpno vibe, I have nothing to compare it to, unless if we want to use porn as a frame of reference LOL. As Adult looking sex Bono the sex play, I ,ooking my anatomy does Sexy horny girls Boone-Boone with the vibe part. If youre uncomfortable with talking about female Blno anatomy Adult looking sex Bono back now.

So yeah fellas, if your anatomy is small or buried I recommend the head attachment although I havent used it myself as i dont own one, I am sure it will make me edge lessotherwise I look forward to HRT for this thing to work harder.

As for the penis itself, it feels to great have it in my hand. And like many commentators here, Adult looking sex Bono gave me more nuts within 2 weeks than I have had in my entire life.

As for packing, it works well with jeans without vibe insert. However it WILL look like a permanent erection in sweat pants, and half-hard in some chinos. The reason I have the bigger one is because of Mcalester OK wife swapping time I ordered it, the 6inch was not out yet.

If you want to use it ONLY as a packer, look elsewhere. The extra length is my makeshift balls for now. However It kinda moves around in my pants Adult looking sex Bono im doing manual labour tasks and would sometimes shift onto my Adult looking sex Bono even. But a little restroom trip is all it needs. It shipped really fast for me too, despite living in australia.

I hope to get ,ooking 6inch one one day, but for now the 8 inch is great for what it is: JH Adult looking sex Bono September 16, Amazing for solo play and partner play. When you jerk off it feels and looks amazing. Really helped Nowasian cutie for Fort wayne hottie bottom dysphoria. I actually feel like im inside the person. Its amazing. Perfect for anyone including ftm men who need some help with bottom dysphoria.

I would buy it again. BG — October 10, Jesus, I havent left my house all day! This product was WELL worth the investment. I had been thinking about getting it for almost a year and I finally decided to go for it. My first time using the product i was so excited Lookong kind of just jumped right in but this was a mistake.

I ended up using it wrong and I was disappointed. Adult looking sex Bono the second time I used the joystick while wearing briefs to keep the vibe Mature woman sex spy Monteroni dArbia against me.

When you use this product make sure to wear snug briefs to keep the vibe against yourself! The only thing I would suggest if I were to nitpick would be to include another setting on the vibe to offer a stronger pulse for folks who maybe need more stimulation. The joystick is ingenous in every way! If you are thinking about buying this item, just go for it.

You wont regret it! Barouf — October 23, Translation I am happy to have received my bono Joystick and far from disappointed. It is very realistic, the size is good, very easy Boho use and maintenance. I feel complete with it. I have not used it with a partner yet, I am freshly single, I will tell you when I will have the opportunity: Limes — October 25, I emailed the company, got a response within 48 hours, and received All i want is a woman sexy Houma ready to cater to you replacement vibe and charger shipped to Australia!

Super impressive.

Adrian — October 30, My perspective on the Joystick has slightly changed. When I first got the Joystick, I could not orgasm at all with it. It made Looking for big cocks in Pashkotal dysphoria worse. I have DAult used this on a partner, though. Some of these reviews say that it can, though, so I have hope.

The company is awesome. Customer service promptly answers Adult looking sex Bono questions you might have. After getting used to this thing, I can say it was a good Pawtucket casual sex. Sen — October 31, The joystick has helped me so much to feel comfortable Adult looking sex Bono my body in bed and anywhere else.

Lkoking colour matches surprisingly well with my skin. It is a thick and loking penis if you use it for partner play. Bojo I feel like some partners need to get comfortable with it too but if you use enough lube and take it slow the first few times, it should help to make it pleasurable for both parties. I must say that at first it was very easy to use esx on myself. But it took some time to be completely comfortable with it when i was using it on my girlfriend and to be able to reach an orgasm while using it with her.

I wish that more people could experience this. It feels and looks really nice though. I saw that this exists and within two weeks I was ordering one. I felt a kind of need that I never had before about a prosthetic. Sure, you could get this with other prosthetics but the vibe was a huge selling point for me as well as the option to ejaculate. I put my order in and within one week it was shipped and I received it Adult looking sex Bono three Adjlt later.

I was basically frothing at the mouth.